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To Get the Best Embryo Transfer Procedure

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Getting opportunity to become parents is the biggest gift of your life. The presence of the child in one’s home fills the environment with happiness. Definitely there is happiness but there are many more responsibilities too. Lucky are the couple who get this opportunity but it’s not that couple who are not being able to conceive are the unfortunate ones. There are many more couples who lose hope and opt for bizarre things. If you too are not being able to conceive after trying several times then go for embryo transfer procedure. But before going for this procedure, find out what does it mean and who should go for it.

The first question that you must be familiar about is- what is embryo transfer? Embryo transfer takes place after eggs have been placed together and fertilized in the laboratory. Then, depending on your circumstances between one and three of the best quality embryos are carefully chosen and then transferred to the woman’s womb. For the pregnancy to get started the embryo must successfully get itself attached to the wall of the woman’s womb.

You do not need to worry about the procedure. But the thing that you must be careful about is getting the best female infertility treatment from the best clinic. After that before going for the treatment you must know that how does embryo transfer work? The exact process for embryo transfer depends on the clinic you select. A typical process may involve the following: The first step that it includes is the eggs to be fertilized. Two to three days after the eggs are fertilized; the best quality embryos are carefully chosen to be transferred to the woman’s womb. If you are under the age of 40, then one or two embryos can be replaced.

But, if you are 40 years of age or over then in maximum three embryos can be used (unless you are making use of donated eggs, when the maximum no of embryos is two because these eggs will be from donors who are not older than 35).Do not worry finding the best specialist. Go for the best infertility specialist in Gurgaon and get relieved finding the best clinic. If you have good class embryos, those that are not moved can be frozen. Some clinics may also offer blastocyst transfer, where embryos are moved five to six days after fertilization. After two weeks after the transfer, you will be required to give pregnancy blood test. Finally, if it is positive, you will have a scan about two weeks later. 

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