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alright amigos, Ive come up with plan.... heres the deal:
People definatly coming:Nathan, Danielle, Max, Johnny, Jack, Carin, Amy, Michelle, Pnos  

Plan of action:

 Friday the 12th - Meet up in NH at the campsite (2-3 hr drive)

                         Camp at either:  Beaver Hollow Campground (40 mins to canoes// $7.25 pp for 2 sites

                                                 Pine Knolls Campground (20 mins to canoes// - $12.00 pp for 1 group site, campground is on a lake 

Saturday 13th - Canoe from Saco Bound to Fiddlehead (~12 miles)

                       Canoe rental: $15 pp for 3 canoes

                       Campsite: $15 pp

Sunday 14th - Canoe from Fiddlehead to pickup (~11 miles)

                     Canoe rental + pickup back to cars: $16 pp 

And thats that! All in all, it should cost about $60 for all the canoes and camping.  The canoing should be pretty leisurly, the second day ends on the banks of a pond off the main river and they have pickups every hour so we can take however long we want. Im thinking the Pine Knolls place looks better for the first night camping, its one big site, theres swimming and its closer to the rental place so we can get on the river and get some beverages in hand a little faster. If theres anyone else coming, we can reserve another canoe, or if anyone has issue its no worries but I was going to book it Sunday so before then would be good to let me know...

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