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Small Run Book Printing is a Convenient Option

by ramondjose

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Small run printing is being considered by most authors these days. It gives them a fair chance to review their options and reconsider changes if need be.

When it comes to large scale publishing, authors like to make sure they are certain before the book is sent for bulk printing. In order to cope with the last minute edits and changes, most publishing companies offer authors to opt for small run book printing. Earlier, no such option existed and people had to state the number of copies they wanted and via commercial printers, they used to get the bulk copies in one go. However, looks like times have changed and there are better options existing for the buyers, which come in the form of small sized publishing, which is a smaller number. This could entirely work in the author’s favor because if they feel they need to make edits in the content, there is still a possibility to do so because there are yet other copies to be published. But, going for bulk publishing wouldn’t leave any scope for such an option. Therefore, what seems like a decently good option for self-publishers or the ones who want a small publishing but want the company to handle, they must make the most of such an opportunity. This opportunity can make the world of a difference for the author and it favors them in all possible ways.


The publication of such books is done in the same manner as a regular publication. However, the number of copies varies and they are certain specifications that exist only in a handful copies. If everything is perfect in these copies and there is no need for a change, the author has the right to sell the remaining copies of the chunk as special editions or make the following bulk publication to be exactly the same. While seeking this alternative, planning plays a very important role. The author needs to have a sit down with the publisher so that everything goes smooth with the printing and the final outcome is just as how one planned it to be. while using the small run printing as the primary option, the author is more or less trying to test the waters before finally getting into it and there is nothing wrong with it.

Convenient Option

For an author, it is highly convenient to opt for a Small run book printing over proper bulk printing. It saves the author a major loss of money if things go wrong and moreover it would seem more of an appropriate option because the author will get to look into aspects like ink, font, and paper quality etc. by knowing if the quality is retained, one would be utmost happy and it gets easier and better from that point.


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