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Beautiful house-no more a dream!

by anonymous

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What is a house? Is it a place where you just live and follow your daily routine? Every morning you wake up, you do your breakfast, you go to your work place, you have your meal and you sleep. Is that all? No! A house is a place where you feel safe, calm and comfortable because you own that. A house is a place where you seek happiness and fun. A house is a place where your memories are kept, where you enjoy good times and your very special events and occasions take place.

It is in general a place to afford safety, security and protection and is used as a hub as of which individuals or animals, birds and plants support their activities and actions on a daily basis.

A house is just a building or the structure that may be empty and silent and may be pleasant and full of people, other than a home is the people who exist in the house and create it a secure and pleasing place to live happily. Moreover a home is the place where you exist, adore, worship and sense reception.

A house is not a home.   There's a feeling of love, warmth, and contentment.  Usually, the artifacts or use of decorations brings out what is important to that person.

A perfect home should be such that has no flaw and should be free from each type of hesitation

Some points that are ought to be kept in mind while buying a good home is as follows;

  • The location of the house should be very safe and secured, it should be free from all sorts of risks and harms, and it should be calm and peaceful and should be free from every type of crimes such as kidnapping, murder, theft and all.
  • Secondly, the structure of the house should be well built and should be such in which you can easily accommodate. It should not contain too small rooms and the wash rooms and kitchen should be big and comfortable.
  • The third thing, that the schools are supposed to be in the vicinity of your area and not so much far away so you may very easily and with comfort pick and drop your child to the school every day without any tiredness and tension.
  • Moreover, the walking area should be there in your house location so that you can walk every morning to enjoy the fresh breeze and get lively and bright!
  • Other than all this, good amusement and enjoyment parks should also be near so that you might take your family there every weekend to enjoy the lovely day. Restaurants are also supposed to be in your area where you can go sometimes to have dinner or lunch.
  • The house should not be too much expensive so that other people who wish to buy such beautiful houses and cannot afford the high price may also buy them.

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