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Brazilian Butt Lift: What Are the Benefits?

by AaronRollison

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A well-balanced body with proportionately sized and shapely buttocks is the dream of many women. Good looks instill confidence and improved self-esteem and this is why many women wish to have a well-sculpted body contour. One’s derriere can be negatively affected by factors such as genetics, pregnancies, aging, weight loss or weight gain. With advanced medical technology and improvements in plastic surgery techniques, the buttocks can now be enhanced substantially. Buttock augmentation with fat transfer, also known as the Brazilian butt lift, has gained a lot of popularity since the past few years. In Brazilian buttock augmentation, fat injection or fat grafting technique is used.

Butt Augmentation via Fat Transfer

In Brazilian butt lift, the patient’s own body fat is utilized for the augmentation. Fat is extracted from body areas where it is in excess, and transplanted to the buttocks for increasing their volume. With Brazilian buttock augmentation, sensual and natural buttocks can be achieved. Not only are the buttocks nicely shaped up, but you benefit from a flatter belly and leaner waist as well when excess fat from these areas are removed. A natural and attractive body contour can be achieved with the help of this procedure.

With smooth curves of the buttocks, thighs and breasts, an aesthetically pleasing look is created with butt lift through fat transfer. Usually, the plastic surgeon harvests excess fat from the hips, thighs, back or abdomen, by means of gentle liposuction. People who have sufficient amount of fat and are healthy are candidates for this procedure. If you do not have sufficient fat, the option of buttock implants can be taken into consideration. The harvested fat is purified and injected into the buttocks in different depths and areas depending on the degree of enhancement required.

Reputable plastic surgery facilities utilize the latest advanced diagnostic imaging systems to ensure more accurate placement of fat and more precise sculpting. With these systems it is possible to see where exactly the fat is being placed and how much fat is being deposited.

Natural Buttock Augmentation -- Advantages

Listed below are some advantages of Brazilian butt lift:

  • The appearance is more curvaceous, attractive and natural
  • The incisions are very small
  • Minimal scarring, discomfort and side effects
  • The recovery time is very fast
  • There is additional body sculpting via liposuction
  • There is no chance of rejection, since one’s own body fat is used.

Brazilian butt lift should be provided by an experienced and reputable plastic surgeon at an advanced plastic surgery center. This will ensure a safe surgery and excellent aesthetic results.

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Your buttocks can be made more alluring with new buttock enhancement procedures that are safe as well as very effective. Individuals who desire a beautiful, rounded, and firmly shaped posterior can benefit from the Brazilian butt augmentation procedure

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