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Considering Asphalt Roofing for San Francisco Homes

by brookdaily

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If it's true that one cannot go wrong with a popular choice, then choosing asphalt shingles, which is most preferred for residential roofing in San Francisco and other parts of the US, over other roofing materials, is a right decision. San Francisco enjoys dry summers and moist winters, and a generally mild climate the whole year. Asphalt shingles are perfect in this City by the Bay because they perform better in cooler climates.

Perhaps, the best advantage of asphalt shingles that made it among the top roofing choices in the country is its price. Currently, it is one of the most affordable roofing materials in the market, and even its higher grade versions are still affordable. Despite its low price, asphalt shingles are versatile and durable enough to last to 30 years with proper maintenance. These shingles are either organic or fiberglass, and are coated with colored mineral granules for protection and better appearance.

The choice of grade, size, shape, color and pattern of asphalt shingles is vast, and you'll surely find one that would perfectly fit your home. Most San Francisco roofers can offer you a selection and help you decide. They can also provide you with a free in-home consultation so they can properly assess your roofing; and then a free estimate so you'll know how much your planned project costs.

GAF, a leading roofing materials manufacturer, through its Roof Wizard, can assist you in designing a roof in the comfort of your home through its on-line service. Once you've chosen the color, shingle style and accessories you want, it can give you a more accurate estimate. They also have three kinds of shingle quality and protection from which you can choose from.

If you have to strictly adhere to your budget, you can opt for three-tab shingles that provide basic protection against the elements. Timberline Lifetime Shingles, on the other hand, has several kinds, all with warranties. Designer Lifetime Shingles will make your home the envy of your neighbors.

All roofing materials do need maintenance, and asphalt shingles are no exception. They, however, require minimal up-keep compared to other roofing materials, particularly wood shingles. For tips on how to make your roof last, read

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