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Why Should Your Business Invest in Building Android Apps?

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The rapidly growing popularity of mobile devices has encouraged many developers to build a variety of mobile app on a regular basis. The frequent changes in the choices and preferences of user has further made it essential for the developers to update their app by including innovative and advanced features. Many companies are also investing in mobile app development projects to optimize their revenues and profits.

As the popularity of mobile apps is directly impacted by the popularity of the mobile platforms, each company want to build applications by targeting the mobile operating system with larger markets share. In comparison to other mobile operating systems, Android is more popular among users residing different parts of the world. So a company can surely reap a number of advantages by investing in Android app development.

Advantages of Investing in Android App Development

  • No License Required: When a company decides venture into mobile app development, it needs to obtain the relevant license by complying with certain rules. A business also has to invest some amount towards paying license fees. But each business can start developing Android apps without obtaining any license, as the mobile operating system is open source. A company can simply decide the nature and types of applications it want to build, and hire experienced developers to execute the ideas. The no license further contributes towards reducing the overall cost of the development project.

  • Option to Use Multiple Programs: Often developers are required to use different programs and technologies to enhance the performance of their mobile apps. While developing Android apps, the programmers can use multiple programs without paying any license fee. Further, they can easily use the programs to incorporate the changes suggested by clients without incurring any extra cost. The inexpensive integration of several software applications will further make it easier for a business to beat its competitors.

  • Smart Database Integration: The performance of a mobile application, nowadays, depends on the way it accesses different data sources. Along with retrieving data according to user parameters, the app further needs to deliver the information to users without causing any slight delay. The smart database integration feature of Android makes it easier for developers to avail inter-application integration. Further, the feature helps in optimizing the application’s performance by merging multiple programs and data sources without putting any extra effort.

  • Android Studio: Recently, Google introduced a dedicated integrated development environment (IDE) named as Android Studio. The IDE makes it easier for developers to build robust apps using Android Development Tools plug-ins. The templates can also be used to provide a standard Android look and feel to the apps, along with boosting their efficiency through code re-factoring. The Android Studio also comes with a set of tools that helps developers in catching version compatibility issues and simile bugs. With the IDE, Google has further made mobile app development more efficient and cost-effective.

  • Easy to Upgrade Apps: Along with launching new apps, a business also has to upgrade its existing apps at regular intervals. A number of objectives can be availed by a company by upgrading mobile apps. The updated apps will come with a set of advance features and functionality that will meet the latest trend, and beat competition. As the same time, the new features will further encourage many users to download the paid version of the app. The IDE provided by Google allows developers to upgrade Android apps without putting much time and effort. Also, the no license requirements will help the company in launching the upgraded version of apps without spending a lot of money.

  • Marketing Your Apps: Google has further made it hassle-free for companies to market their Android apps. Along with getting listed your apps in Google Store, you also have options to market the app through various app reselling companies. The huge popularity of the mobile platform further makes it easier for a business to develop apps by targeting a large base of users. Also, a business can simultaneously launch the free and paid version of a single app to generate revenue without upgrading the app immediately after its launch.

In addition to Android Studio, Google recently announced a set of features and tools to optimize mobile app development. Along with improving user experience, these initiatives are also aimed to reduce the amount of time, money and effort invested by top Android app development companies to build apps.

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