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Know all about deck and concrete restore product for decks

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Deck construction is part of the house construction for many people hence it is important that the deck is constructed in a manner that is safe and adds glamour to the house. Find important information about deck restoration Palos Hills in this article.

Deck restoration Palos Hills has been made a whole lot easier by use of deck & concrete restore.  This product is preferred by majority of home owners because of its many pros. To begin with, it is very cost effective, environmentally safe, durable, and protects against moisture and damaging effects of solar radiation. What’s more, its application really gives an old deck a new life; one that does not have any cracks and no exposed splinters.

Prepare the surface first

Are you interested to restoring your deck in an easy and money friendly way? Then read along to know just how. Kick of the project by buying the product and then cleaning the surface to apply. Get rid of anything that may prevent proper adhesion of the deck product for instance mildew, grease, and organic growth excreta.  Places with any loose paint should be scraped or rubbed down; smooth and glossy surfaces should be de-glossed using non-bleach cleaner like restore deck and concrete cleaner.  If your deck had any tough or rooted stains, use a pressure washer to clean. Secure all loose deck boards, screws or raised nail heads first before any application takes place.  Lastly, remove the loose splinters and replace any rotting boards. For really big cracks, fill them up with restore crack filler or any other acrylic or non-silicone filler.

The surface is now ready

Once you have done all there is regarding the surface, it’s now time to get down to using the product. For yours to be the best deck restoration Palos Hills, consider to take the following points into account. Apply the product by rolling in one direction once. Rolling back and forth may result in clamping of the aggregated product, something you do not want to see. Apply tow coats. The first will appear spotty but that will be remedied by the 2nd coat. Apply the 1st coat using the restore roller and then use a brush to skim the surface of the 2nd coat while the product is still wet. One of the best ways to achieve this is to apply a section of the second coat using the roller then using the brush to move the product smoothly in the opposite direction as the one rolled. Be careful not to disturb the base of the product while using the brush; therefore do not apply to much pressure.

Can the product be used for vertical surfaces?

Deck posts, railings and balusters are some of the vertical surfaces that may also need some restoration. However, deck and concrete restore is perfect for horizontal surfaces, like the floor of the deck. For straight up ones, use restore solid acrylic stain or similar exterior paint or stain to give the whole deck an exquisite and refined finish.



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