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Do your Fredericksburg Windows Need Repair? Know the Signs.

by roslynpetermann

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Your windows are not meant to last for a lifetime. In fact, they are more prone to damage if you live in a place like Fredericksburg, which receives around 41 inches of rain each year (a high figure, granted that the US only has an average of 36). Excessive rain usually contributes to windows' shorter life spans because rain can affect these windows' seal.


The seal, after all, is a very important part of the window. On cold days, it helps your house to maintain a warm interior by preventing any heat from escaping. That's why seal failure is considered a major problem in windows. But apart from weather climate, what are other things that could cause failure in your Fredericksburg windows? The following are some other factors that contribute to window seal failure:




As mentioned earlier, windows won't last forever. They lose their optimal condition over the years, as their materials and properties deteriorate overtime. Furthermore, not all windows come with a lifetime warranty; this is why a lot of windows are deprived of sufficient maintenance.




Mold is also among windows' worst enemies, as they can weaken its seal. The problem is that windows are more prone to mold buildup if they always experience condensation. Failure to remove them from your window might result in them reaching the seal. Thus your seal, being made of rubber, might be easily destroyed.


Lack of Maintenance


Even if no window lasts forever, there's much you can do to extend its lifespan. You can take care of them and practice proper maintenance to help them maintain their optimal condition and avoid the risk of damage. Make it a habit to wipe them and keep them dry from time to time, as well as use certain cleaning materials on them. Fail to do these and they just might deteriorate even faster.


Taking care of your windows is necessary because they can help protect you from the worst that Nature has to offer. Do your part and practice proper maintenance. To be sure of things, get expert help from a general contractor in Fredericksburg VA who can do the job for you. To learn more about seal failure, visit


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