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Impact of not doing training as per CMMI requirements

by cmmiconsultant

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In CMMI implementation, Training Process Area is an important and integral requirement for process improvement. “Training” has been added at CMMI Maturity Level 3 as Organizational Training Process Area but training starts at CMMI Maturity Level 2 in the Project Planning Process Area where CMMI talks about planning the training for team members under the SP 2.5 Plan Needed Knowledge and Skills. This shows how important training is in while doing the process improvement activities in the organization both at Project and Organizational Level.

CMMI has focused the training at two levels – project and organizational level:

What impact is there if training is not conducted as per CMMI requirements?

Its impact can be seen at two levels – Project and Organizational.

Project Level Impact

Training at project level is aimed at using competent resources who can deliver the project requirements under various roles. Project Manager has to plan for needed knowledge and skills and, if necessary, improve the competence level of the team members so that they can work efficiently in the project. This project level training can be on a subject matter in the area of “new technology” or it could be a behavioral training on “handling negotiations. Training helps team members in delivering the project within budget, cost and effort. If training is not planned at Project level, wherever needed, following negative effects can be there on the project progress:

  • Team members require more time to understand about project increasing the gestation time of project
  • They take time to understand technical requirements leading to delays in on-time delivery
  • Quantum of rework effort goes up.

Organizational Level Impact

Training at organizational level is aimed at improving the skills of the employees so that they can work efficiently in the organization and can lead the organization towards a more matured and process improved organization. Comparatively, the organization decides its core area of competence and then creates competence across the projects. For e.g.: an organization may like to have its project managers go through a PMP training program or, an organization may like to sensitize its employees for information security and may conduct organization wide trainings for the same. Organizational Training helps the organization in improving employees’ skills in multi-dimensions, e.g.: soft skills, inter-personal, technical, etc.

If Organization does not plan training at org-level, following negative effects can be seen over a period of time:

  • Cultural issues can create negative dynamics
  • Team members lack motivation and the environment is not electric
  • Process improvement suffers
  • Overall image of the organization in the market-place takes a beating.
  • Attrition rates may show increasing trend

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