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Finding jobs in risk management

by anonymous

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The IT risk managers play a very important role in determining the success of a software application in the market. The business software application market is undergoing a makeover where leading software vendors are required to compete consistently with small and startup companies heavily driven by innovation.

The market today is very competitive and, one needs to carefully conduct the SWOT analysis of their product before launching it in the market.  The risk managers determine the kind of challenges the software product is likely to face in meeting its standards compared to the other similar software in a given market condition.   The high demand of risk managers have made it a sought after career for young IT engineers. Almost all the leading software vendors as well as outsourcing software development firms require the services of risk managers in predicting the success of their product in the market.

What do risk managers do?

Risk managers are responsible for identifying and quantifying business risk in launching a new software product or a version. The team of security and risk management work on areas of ensuring compliance and security regulations set by the different authorities as well as by the internal policies of the organization. It involves assessing system security checking and technical health check-up, vulnerability scanning, protection against ethical hacking and drawing up a responsible plan against these issues.

Normally, software engineers with experience in the field of risk management are preferred for jobs in risk management.  Sometimes they are also required to assess risk at client’s location. A graduate in software engineering or masters in computer application (MCA) with project management and execution experience are regarded suitable for the position.

At the entry level one may require hand on experience in software development and coding.

Career in offering storage management

To manage the huge amount of data generated daily by corporate it requires efficient storage and management solution. The storage solution providing engineers help business in optimizing, integrating and implementing best practices in storage management.

Storage management also plays a crucial role in mitigating project risks in data migration and therefore, is regarded a part of risk managers job.

The data storage solution is expected to become a complete stream in itself as demand for meeting global standard for data storing is on a rise. This will also improve demands for storage optimization solution providers in large scale.

Set of skills required to become risk managers

The following are the set of skills essential for jobs in risk management.

  • Excellent technical knowledge and specialization in risk management and data storage
  • Experience in risk mitigation in data migration
  • Experience in team handling and project management
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to understand client requirements
  • Promptness in crisis management

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