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cold wind made more

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cold wind made more



Exposure day hair and scalp cannot withstand the high temperatures of hot air toss, especially after hair membrane repair, take a hair dryer will be transferred to the cool breeze blowing hair in accordance with the direction from top to bottom, and close to some of the hair does not matter, you can cool The nutrients firmly locked in the cuticle, the hair will show enhanced water retention capacity moist luster.


Three cases, your hair needs extra sun care


Outdoor swimming pool


Under the influence of ultraviolet rays, the water will occur a similar reaction bleach. After a swim in the outdoor summer long, you will feel the hair color seems faded, hair is also deteriorated. But just in wet hair lacewigsbuy will appear when such a result, in fact, as long as there is a certain degree of humidity in the air or normal skin surface moisture is sufficient to cause the formation of such a chemical reaction.




Compared with the swimming pool water, sea water because it contains salt, combined with ultraviolet light, the hair is absolutely catastrophic damage. Within the keratin hair will be reduced because of photolysis, hair began to become fragile frizz. And the hair because sunlight fade and become yellow, sunlit day, the hair fade Nearly 40%.


[Just] after dye


Already damaged hair must pay more attention to the sun, heat and ultraviolet radiation on the scalp pores have a lot of damage, but also make permed hair dye fading. So be sure to use sunscreen spray before going out at night to use the lock-color products of glueless lace front wigs.



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