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International Hartford Group Studies Why Off Shore Investing

by jeassonlens

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If you’re still searching for an excellent way to expand your investment portfolio, then it is a must that you try offshore investing. This type of activity is great for European expats. Of course, local investments are also good, but why should you settle for less when you can easily spread the risks and earn a great deal of cash when you go for offshore investing.


You simply can’t afford to put all your eggs in a single basket! It’s dangerous to commit this type of mistake! By investing your hard-earned cash in a fully secured jurisdiction which has a triple A rating, you’ll surely be able to generate lots of income. Investor protection is a must so start searching for a more convenient place where you can direct all your funds.


Refund for Sinking Investments


The best thing about investing in UAE is that this jurisdiction can provide a refund in cases where your fund would sink. In addition to this, you can always expect a tax free growth in your investments. Since you’re not a resident in the offshore destination, it would also follow that you will not be obligated to pay taxes on your investment returns.


Extremely low inflation rates can be enjoyed when you open an offshore investing account. In general, the rates fall below three percent. This is considerably lower than the average inflation rate for local investments which is more or less ten percent.


Diversity of Funds


There are different classes of investments to choose from. You can easily diversify your investment portfolio, and choose among the following: share funds, bond funds, commodity funds such as silver, gold, diamonds and agricultural products, and property funds.


Your Investment will Remain a Secret


Confidentiality is one of the best advantages of offshore investing. So, if you’ve got plans to hide some of your funds in preparation for a future divorce, then offshore investing is the right answer to your predicament. The best offshore broker will handle the task efficiently.


Turn your Investments into Offshore Trusts


There is always a possibility to turn your investment into an offshore trust. This way, you’ll be able to safely keep your liquid assets for future use or as an inheritance for the next generation. You and your professional financial adviser should select the right type of funds where you can invest in. Of course, you can easily switch funds at anytime. Most offshore investors prefer to meet their professional broker several times a year in order to review their investment portfolios.


It’s important that you take time in meeting your broker so he can provide the right guidelines. It’s a good thing that UAE is considered as one of the best countries that are suitable for offshore investments. Always remember that you can’t simply invest in any country. Your financial adviser should be able to help you analyze all things.


There are so many opportunities for expats, but you should make certain that your money will go to the right offshore investing jurisdiction. This type of investments covers everything from an insurance policy to shared funds. Many expats prefer offshore funds instead of onshore trusts due to the fact that the tax situation in UAE is far more advantageous and less complex.


With the International Hartford Group, the profits that you’ll be obtaining from your investments will all be free from tax. This would mean that the profits will increase. You can conveniently defer your tax payments. The earnings count as income tax, and not capital gains. Hire the best offshore broker, and you’ll definitely obtain impressive results. Most offshore investors no longer go for local investments after they’ve obtained the right income from their UAE investments!

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