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Womens Apparent Submissiveness to Society

by jonesmichelle08

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Women have been fighting for our rights all our lives. For centuries, we have been nothing but submissive to men, to society. No matter how much we fight, we still come second to men. We are still inferior. I myself am a feminist. I may not know all the great studies and women of feminism, but I know what it stands for. And I am all for it. However, it just baffles me how women have to stand up first and shout, “I have rights!” before society notices her.

Over the years, the male species have no problem making their voices heard. Even now, in the supposed equal modern culture, women still have to remind everybody of the existence of their rights. The worst thing is that, a good percent of the women just succumb to this discrimination like they can’t do anything about it. This behavior is evident in the pop culture--no matter what modern society you look into. The sentiments I am about to share may be bordering to the extreme, but that is what I want to open up with you—the situations and emotions that are mostly ignored but are nevertheless factors to women’s feelings of inferiority.


Are there women dressing up for themselves? Yes, many. Are there women dressing up for other women? Hmm. Maybe there are. Are there women dressing up for men? Absolutely. That is the mentality you can find on almost every woman. This kind of mentality is even made worse by the media and advertising. are these lines familiar to you? “Make him notice you.” “Be sexy and beautiful and win his heart.” “He will not notice you unless you change.” Movie/television scripts and commercial taglines may not necessarily go like the words I stated above, but they more or less embody the messages we receive from the media every day. Even if we say that you are not directly affected by the media (which is very unlikely), you are still under the scrutiny of your peers. And most likely there is nothing else left to do but to give in.


Have you checked the current YA (young adult) selections in your local bookstore lately? Have you read the little synopses at the back covers? What are the typical plots?

Boy meets girl.

Boy is not interested with the girl at first.

Girl changes herself to impress the boy.

Boy notices and like girl.

Et cetera. Et cetera.

It can go in a lot of ways. The roles can even be interchanged, but it still ends the same way. The boy gets the girl. Yes, there are impressive narratives that deviate from the usual, but the typical, the mainstream, the ones that are read by the majority have the same plot recycled over and over again. Of course, there are great writers like Dorothy Parker whose works are mostly on women empowerment, especially her poems. But how many Dorothy Parkers and Margaret Atwoods do you think there are in the world?


Women can convince ourselves that the decisions we made are entirely of our own. Most of the time, that is true. However, even if we are already firm with our decisions and are within the limits of our rights, there are still judgments and criticisms coming from our peers and the society as a whole. Take abortion for example. Every woman should have a choice on whether to enter an abortion clinic and make an appointment or to stick with her pregnancy. However, if she chooses the former, can we say in utmost confidence that everybody understands, more so approve? No, I don’t think so. We are still left at the mercy of the society that never fails to judge our every decision, our every turn.

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