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Obtain best smile with invisalign

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It is a faster and easier of straightening your teeth than other processes.

When you visit a dentist and if he says that you need braces, many questions will go round in your mind that may include the process, the cost, the number of days you need to use it, how you will be looking in braces and so on. But don’t worry. Today, many wonderful alternatives have come to the wiry- looking and traditional braces. Invisalign is one of those alternatives. This invisalign makes you to feel very comfortable and get the teeth straightening done without any effort and without anyone noticing also. The benefits provided by the invisalign fishers in and the normal are same. But invisalign allows the teeth straightening without any embarrassment. This amazing technology with which many thousands of patients have done their teeth straighten with very ease was founded in 1997. From then, the dental treatment history is changed.

The aligners used in this treatment are nearly invisible and so this method is called invisalign. The clear, strong and medical grade plastic is used to make the aligners. The aligners are custom fitted for the patient and they look like the tooth whitening trays.
The initial position of the teeth is depicted by the 3-D computer imaging system which also depicts the complete treatment plan for the patient and also the final desired position. Creation of a series of custom made aligners is done. For about two week period, each aligner moves the teeth incrementally. Until the final positioning is obtained, a process, in which after two weeks, the aligner is replaced with the next aligner in the series.

Based on the difficulty of the malocclusion of the patient, the costs of the treatment depend on. For small treatments, it may cost $3500 where as for total treatment; the national average cost is generally $5000. The patients can eat or drink whatever they like normally during the treatment. This is possible as the aligners are removable. Unlike with traditional braces, the oral hygiene is not all a problem with the aligners as the patients are allowed to brush or floss their teeth normally. As there are no metal wires, invisalign is very much comfortable for lips and also gums.

The patients are allowed to see their treatment plan. They also have the opportunity to see how their teeth look before the treatment started and how the progress is. Invisalign is a brilliant way of obtaining a comfortable smile in a step by step procedure.

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