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401k plan

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Save With 401k Plan For

A Comfortable Retirement Life!


The purpose of a job is not just a comfortable life while you earn, but also planning and saving for a peaceful and comfortable future. The success of future plans is based on how much you contribute now and the mode of your investment. As you enter your job, you will be offered various options of investment for your choice. Your choice of the investment decides your life at the time of retirement.


To put it in simple terms, 401k plan helps you save some money to give you a quality life after retirement. This can be taken as the revised version of pension plans. Educating yourself about all the available options of the plan will help you choose the one that suits you. Some of the companies offer 401k plan included in the package and this can help you learn more about the program.


If a company withholds a fraction of the income of his employee to keep it aside in a savings account, this is the traditional 401k plan and this is the basic form of the program.


Creating an investment account is another form of 401k plan. By this plan, you are able to generate an increased amount of money than in the traditional type. This is done by stock market trading done with the money invested. However, the risk is also understandable.


The purpose of401k plan is to give the employees a bright retirement life and it is left to your discretion as to investing in mutual funds or bonds, or stock market. Since the responsibility of your retirement life is on your shoulders, you should be clear about what you are doing.


Let us see about the basic terms of 401k plans to understand the concept better:

When you are willing to get enrolled in 401k plan, you mean to allow a percentage of your monthly paycheck to be set aside to be invested into a separate account. The amount thus set aside is used to invest in mutual funds or other schemes that help grow your money. Now you can see that your earnings and contributions keep growing on tax deferred concept, as you are not taxed till you withdraw your cash from 401k account.


As to speak about withdrawing from 401k account, you should consider the cost. You can borrow money from this program to pay back with high interest. Or you can opt to withdraw without the need to repay. But you are to pay taxes for the withdrawals. It is costlier if you are under 60 years of age.


You can applaud your luck if your company matches a certain percentage of the amount you contribute. This will result in a faster growth of your funds. 401k plans can be taken with you even if you switch over to another employment.


Apart from securing your contribution, the amount is invested in bonds, stock market or mutual funds. While this plan is an effective one if you look at it as a retirement scheme, there are some negative sides like inability to make early withdrawals without a penalty fee. With some limitations and disadvantages, 401k plan is still a good one as the benefits are focused for a comfortable retirement life.

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