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Bob Carter says the real environmental crisis

by Jaineyie

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At last week’s Melbourne launch of Taxing Air, his new book co-authored with JohnSpooner (and with contributions from Bill Kininmonth, Martin Feil, Stewart Franks and Bryan Leyland), Professor Bob Carter explained how the perception of a supposed environmental crisis has been manufactured and maintained.

This is an edited version of Professor Carter’s address:

Professor Bob Carter speaking at the launch of Taxing Air.
Western countries have an environmental crisis on their hands.

In Australia, you think, oh well, that’s the Great Barrier Reef.

No, it’s not the Great Barrier Reef.

Oh, you think, well it must be the Murray-Darling Basin.

No, it’s not the Murray-Darling Basin. We do have a political problem, a big political problem with the Murray-Darling Basin, to do with the over-allocation of water licences.

We also do have some significant environmental impacts, but nothing on the level that the hyperbole in the press would lead us to believe.

Well, then, it must be the global warming crisis.

Well, of course, it isn’t. The global warming crisis is, quite simply, the biggest scientific scam in history.

So the environmental crisis is not one of actual environmental crises, it’s one of the perception amongst the average citizenry, both of Australia and other western nations, that there is this environmental crisis. And that is leading to all sorts of degradations.

Those creating this crisis do four things.

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