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The Transforming Face Of Aged Care Facilities in Canberra

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There was a time when aged care centres were thought to be the last resort for any family that could not take care of the elderly. The social, economic and demographic changes have ushered in a change not only in the thought process of the families but also in the way the aged care in Canberra is designed and operated. The aged care nursing in Canberra has witnessed immense change in the last few years, and today the number of facilities and services offered by the aged care centres has increased incredibly. Not only highest level of care is provided, it is also ensured that the residents have a good quality of life. Today, aged care nursing in Canberra makes use of state of art facilities to ensure that they provide best care to the residents and offer accommodation that is not only comfortable but also enjoyable to stay in.

As far as making stay comfortable and enjoyable for residents is concerned, Kankinya sets an amazing example amongst centres providing aged care in Canberra. Of all the aged care centres in Canberra, Kankinya is the only one which does not have their residents locked away in so-called “secure areas” that are hidden from the general public; their residents have the utmost freedom that can be safely provided anywhere to allow the highest possible quality of life available. This makes them lead the otherwise dormant phase of the lives with dignity and comfort.

Another most important aspect of aged care nursing in Canberra that has emerged recently is the fact that today; these centres combine leisure and care. No longer are the residents required to remain glued to their beds, there are activities that keep them active and occupied. These activities are much more than just watching television or reading newspaper. The activities offered by aged care services in Canberra are much more holistic and enjoyable. Apart from leisure, these activities also help the elderly residents to socialise and rejuvenate.

Today, the kind of health care facilities offered by aged care services in Canberra is completely outstanding. Healthcare is no longer restricted to periodic health checkups. In fact, modern aged care centres in Canberra have a more holistic approach towards healthcare. Apart from the facility of a full time doctor, these aged care-nursing centres in Canberra also offer services of physiotherapists, speech therapists, music therapists and other allied services.

These days, the aged care services in Canberra offer services that help the inmates lead their life in a way that they would live at their homes. Aged care nursing homes in Canberra, like Kankinya have the facility of an on-site kitchen that provides home like fresh food to the residents. Modern aged care homes also offer the facility of in house laundry, hair salon and pastoral services. The aged care centres in Canberra like Kankinya, are an example of the changing face of the aged care facilities in Canberra.

Kankinya is the privately operated Elderly Care facility in Canberra and it is also the only facility located on the northern side of Canberra with easy access to all parts of the City specializing in dementia care.

Kankinya offers a safe and caring envionment, catering to the needs of wide range of elderly residents. Our fully qualified staff specializes in dementia care.

There are many forms of dementia, usually occurring in after the age of 65, but like many illnessess it can happen at any time. The progressive decline in a persons fuctioning can mean the individual may experience loss of memory, interllect, rationality, social skills and their emotional response may seem obscure.

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