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Information about your salesman when you purchase a car

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To a car dealer, selling a car online is a game of policy. And as in any strategy activity, the more you know about your challenger, the better. When you are making a deal, the car salesman will ask you lots of questions in order to learn as much about you as he could. So to even the score, here are five important facts that you should know about him:

He needs you more than you need him.

The car salesman is under a lot of pressure. Since he works on payment, he doesn't eat or pay his rent if he doesn't sell a vehicle. That's a lot to live among. In adding together, his sales manager is constantly pressuring him to put up for sale, sell, sell. So despite how cool and calm the salesman may appear on the exterior, you can bet that underneath he's probably desperate to sell you a car.

He is not really in control.

The car salesman operates under the illusion that he is in control of the car-buying condition, that he's running the probe. He's confident and horizontal. Yet in actual, you have the final pronounce. And the car salesman knows this thing. He knows that, at any point, you can simply say "no" to his offers and "no" to his come-ons and just walk not here. That's one of his biggest fears.

No matter what they say or do, it's probably all an act.

The car-buying situation is very dramatic. The car salesman is very much as a performer. And it's safe to assume that much of his salesmanship and his lines and even his "sincerity" be, often, simply part of his show. So do yourself a favor - don't fall for any of it.

He can't be fully trusted.

When you ask the car salesman a query, he may give you an honest response. Or he may recline. Or he may say he doesn't know the answer because he really doesn't make out. Or he may say he doesn't know because he wants you to think that he's not as smart as he really be. That's a common plan. In other language, because the car salesman is under so much pressure to sell you a car, he may say anything to get you to obtain. And he'll do it under the guise of being a fine, truthful, sincere guy. So to protect manually, it pays to never fully trust any car salesman no matter how friendly you may get with him and no matter how much you like him.

Aren't there any honest car salesmen?

Yes, of course there are  just as there are honest dealer. But the problem is that there are so many unscrupulous car salesmen and the nature of their game is so difficult. And it's sometimes the ones who seem the most honest who are actually tricky. So play it safe. Be friendly with the car dealer. Treat him with respect. But never forget that his intention is to take as much money from you as possible.

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