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Vertical Autoclave: An Essential Requirement For Microbiolog

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If you have a microbiology or a QC laboratory, the first thing you need is an autoclave. A vertical autoclave is a crucial device for proper functioning of laboratories. Autoclaves are generally used for sterilization and disinfection purposes. Medica Instrument Mfg Co are authorized manufacturers and dealers of sterilizers, water baths, incubators, oil baths, colony counters and many more pathological, microbiological or healthcare instruments. You can get all your lab products from here at cost effective rates. The instruments are highly efficient and are designed with the best quality materials.

A vertical autoclave can be manually operated or digitally operated. Medica offers various types for its customers.

Manual Autoclave:

This is the most standard type of vertically operated autoclaves and is ideal for usage in clinics, nursing homes and laboratories for the complete destruction of all living microbes. They are equipped with an electronic circuit and a switch so that they can cut off automatically at lower water levels. The lid is made of stainless steel and all the joints are argon welded. The heaters are environment friendly and energy efficient and reduce power to a great extent.

Digital autoclave:

Digital autoclaves, also used for killing micro organisms are ideal for use in microbiology labs and R&D industry. They make use of the automatic purging technique for sterilization and are preset at 121C and a 20 min timer as well. They are fitted with safety valves and have cut off facility at low water levels.

Apart from the vertical ones, another popular device is the portable autoclave. The portable ones are smaller in size and are useful for small size industries like dentists and surgeons and in R&D labs as a stand by unit. They are also either digitally operated or manually operated. The digital one comes with an auto cut off switch and preset temperatures. They are designed to work well in the air conditioned units. They are energy savers and consume 0.8 unit/cycle. The complete process of sterilization takes about 40 minutes and thus they are much faster than the conventional autoclaves. The general one is similar to the manually operated vertical autoclave but is smaller in size. It also uses automatic purging for sterilization and has a die pressed lid to ensure the safety of the worker.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get all your laboratory requirements fulfilled with the high quality materials from Medica Instrument Mfg Co. With their instruments you can be sure of quality and functionality.

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