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Detail Information About GE MRI Coils

by directmedparts

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MRI Coil and Used MRI Coil is physically small an antenna used to create magnetic field for getting idea about changes of magnetic field through voltage.


MRI Coil is a part of the MRI machine and utilized to produce the magnetic field to identify changing in the magnetic field through voltage. A coil contains more than one conductive wire loops. We can also say that, a coil is a kind of physically small antenna. The main thing is that, a perfect coil has capability to create identical magnetic field devoid of significant radiation. Generally, tons of MRI coils utilize in MRI systems. Coils are basically utilized to create restricted disparity in the magnetic field to give a perfect localization of signals and appropriate beats problem in imaging techniques. MRI radio frequency coil can easily receive and also transmit the RF signal.


There are different kinds of MRI Coils available in market. A large number of companies available in market provide the best GE Coils and its repairing service at the reasonable cost. DirectMed Parts is one of them. It also offers Used MRI Coils from many manufactures such as Invivo, MRI Devices, Medical Advances, USAI and more. It provides many other services including cosmetic and electronic repairs. Customers can also get different types of GE coils.


GE MRI Coils Listing:

-         GE HFO .7T Med Flex Coil

-         GE 1.0T Foot/Knee Coil Assembly

-         GE 5 in Round Coil

-         GE 1.5T Neurovascular Array

-         GE HNS Coil

-         GE 8 Channel CTL Cable Assy

-         GE 8 Channel Flex Body Array Coil

-         GE Excite CTL Coil

-         GE 1.5T Dual Combiner TMJ Coil

-         GE COIL Ge Excite Shoulder Coil Cable

-         GE 1.5T Dual Combiner TMJ Coil

-         GE COIL Ge Excite Shoulder Coil Cable

-         COIL Ge Excite HD Brain Coil Cable    


DirectMed Parts also offers all different models of GE MRI Coils that are certified and have quality standard. We provide tested MRI as well as CT Parts that can be easily installed. We know the value of customers, so always try to ship all parts on time as well as in good functional condition. Our main aim is to provide parts that should be tested perfectly and also gone through QA procedure. Our young expert team is always ready to provide technical support as well as parts verification support. It serves MRI Injector Units at reasonable cost from all major manufactures. Customers will get fully tested and unmatched replacement CT tubes. They will also get satisfactory experience from this store.


DirectMed Parts has more than 20 years of experience in serving medical imagining tools, parts and also service market. We provide honesty, exceptional and responsiveness service to new customer and old customers. Once you purchase products from our store, we will surely manage requirement of parts, service and coil repair on almost MRI equipments and CT systems. It is a leading provider of different MRI equipments and parts. It is one of the best companies that provide the best service on time without taking any hiding charges.


Mr. Johan Burger is an expert in MRI and CT Equipment parts Advisor. He has years of experience servicing the medical imaging equipment, parts and service market. He works with DirectMed Parts. He writes about various MRI Coils and GE MRI Coils.

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