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What Makes Clear Span Fabric Building the best in the Indust

by americanpavilion

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Clear span fabric building is suitable for many different types of applications that require a semi-permanent structure. It can be used for storing hay, sand and different types of equipment. It is suitable for cattle sheds as well as for indoor events whether they be horse riding events or for seminars and other indoor activities.

Saves Money and is Eco-friendly

One of the main benefits of this type of Storage Tent is that it is eco-friendly for all kinds of events because the fabric can either be opaque or transparent. A transparent fabric is important when having indoor events such as seminars and meetings.

The material used is transparent enough to provide adequate lighting, to the extent that artificial lighting is not necessary indoors during the day. This can help save a lot of money in utility costs and you’ll be choosing an eco-friendly option.

Easy to Install

This type of Temporary Building is much easier to install. The material used for the beams is aluminum or steel. Aluminum is just a good as steel in making strong stable structures. It weighs 60% less compared to steel. This is important when putting up the structures as the lighter weight means you’ll not need more personnel and it will take a shorter time to put up.

Because it is lighter, it is easier to move around. In case you need to build a new structure quickly, you will find that it takes about a week for an average sized Storage Tent to be complete. This could take more than a month if you were to use steel or other materials used to put up such a structure.

Easily Customizable

It is modular and easily customizable compared to wood truss structures. The aluminum profiles can be adjusted at any time to change the shape or orientation of the building.  This is important when you need to get rid of loads of accumulated snow during winter. Putting up a structure with a better gradient during winter is easier and cheaper. The aluminum used may be light, but it has been known to remain standing even when the winds are more than 100mph.

Clear span Fabric structures are not only for putting up a Temporary Building they can be used for decades. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for more than 20 years and sometimes up to 30. Considering the numerous benefits, this is definitely best option when you want a semi-permanent structure.


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