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The Best 12 Healthcare Android apps

by anonymous

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The Google Play Store comes up with a plethora of medical apps. While some of these are immensely beneficial for medical students, some others are helpful for all, like the app which can guide users on the procedure of first aid. Here we bring to you 12 of the most useful Healthcare Android apps catering to different medical sectors.

1. ICE or In Case of Emergency: This is a very beneficial app which contains valuable information that can be used by the first responders and medical staff when they are dealing with an emergency condition related to you. Some of the crucial information that this app contains are the list of the people who can be called during an emergency, names and numbers of doctors, insurance information, medical conditions, allergies and medications.

2. Visual Anatomy Free: This acts as a reference and education tool, enabling the reader to comprehend the bones, muscles, organs and different systems of the human body. The app consists of high-resolution photos as well as feature points. Every feature comes with its own description and label. This app also constitutes a number of multiple choice quizzes and queries.

3. Mosquito Repellant: This is a unique app that works on the principle that ultrasound may repel insects such as mosquitoes. This app is capable of generating ultrasound of high frequency that repels mosquitoes and hence acts as a protection against mosquito bites. Mosquitoes stay away from some ultrasound frequencies and thus you will be able to do away with mosquitoes without using any kind of mosquito coils or other such environment pollutants.

4. First Aid: This app is immensely useful and features a host of accurate procedures, which users can themselves apply in a demanding situation or for providing guidance and support to others. It incorporates videos, illustrations and short descriptions delineating the methods to take required action in a systematic way.

5. Test Your Hearing: This app lets you evaluate your hearing capabilities. It incorporates two tests, which are required to estimate the range and frequency differentiation. The first test evaluates your audible frequencies by presenting a range of frequency tones. Again, the second test brings to you a host of tone pair, thereby estimating the frequencies which you can differentiate.

6. Immunity Boosters: The immune system of our body plays a crucial role in the maintenance of good health. The individuals who have a good immunity are less prone to diseases and infections. Diet is something that is directly proportional to immunity. This particular app provides information about immunity boosters and factors which tend to have a negative impact on the immunity system. This information helps users in maintaining good health.

7. OnTrack Diabetes: This constitutes one of the most effective yet convenient to use app. It facilitates the control of diabetes through tracking of a number of factors such as medication, weight, blood glucose, food, exercise and pulse. The noteworthy features include a conveniently usable interface which facilitates addition of new entries, a variety of detailed reports and graphs, amongst others.

8. Color Blindness Test: This app evaluates color blindness by offering a kind of test to the users. You just need to take the test to confirm whether you have color blindness or are free from it. This app is based on the fundamentals of color vision science in order to measure the extent and type of color vision deficiency.

9. Homeo Guide: This app presents different kinds of homeopathic treatments and medicines for a range of ailments and diseases that can be treated using homeopathic medication. The user can search treatment for various minor ailments and injuries such as allergies, cough, gastro-enteritis and so on.

10. Calculate by QxMD: This is in fact a kind of medical calculator which also serves as a decision support tool. The application chiefly involves those tools that are very helpful in clinical practice and aids in influencing diagnosis, treatment and determination of prognosis.

11. BMI Calculator: This app calculates the Body Mass Index, wherein you are simply required to enter your height and weight. Instantly, your BMI is calculated and displayed on the screen in addition to other values of overweight, normal weight, obesity, etc.

12. Micromedex Drug Information: This is an immensely beneficial app which is packed with information about drugs including drug administrations, interactions, dosage for adults and children, pharmacokinetics, precautions and so on.

These apps have brought about a revolution in the medical field and will help to carry our different medical procedures in a seamless manner. No wonder Android app development has forayed into healthcare domain in a big way.

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