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Enhance Thermal Management with Aavid Thermalloy

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Since its founding as Aavid Engineering in 1964, the company has been one of the industry leaders in thermal management solutions. Now Aavid Thermalloy, it has been a partner of many electronic companies who collaborate to create products with greater reliability and greater functionality. They have a very diverse product offering, featuring board level cooling on a small level all the way to industrial applications that require thousands of kilowatts.  Its products have applications in personal computing systems like desktops and laptops as well as servers, network devices, instrumentation, and others. Aavid is ISO certified in North America, Europe, Asia, and India and has global manufacturing processes and capabilities.

Aavid Thermalloy designs and produces heat sinks for those requiring an off-the-shelf cooling solution for industry standard half brick converters. Aavid heat sinks are unique in that they feature thin fin geometry that increases thermal performance and reduces pressure drop. All heat sinks come with interface material, which streamlines assembly and allows for it to be readily mounted. Some of the benefits of these heat sink applications include:

-          Maximum performance

-          Low pressure drop

-          Fits industry standard half brick modules

-          Optimal configuration

-          Simple assembly

High fin density provides more surface area that allows for better heat transfer with smaller space. The thin fin geometry also improves system airflow. They are compatible with ½ brick DC/DC converters from industry leading manufacturers such as Emerson, Delta, and Tyco. It also comes in length and height orientations to allow for a perfect match, regardless of the application. Lengthwise and crosswise configurations come in 6.1, 11.4, and 35.6 inches. Top selling heat sinks are the 5728 Series TO22 Heat sinks, the Slalom SMT Heat Sink, and the BGA and LED Heat Sinks. The 5728 Series features four spring action clips and has 27.30 thermal resistances. The Slalom heat sink increases thermal performance by up to 30%. The BGA and LED Heat sinks have tape mounting that eliminate mounting holes while saving board space.

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