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Consulting a Doctor Online Possible Now

by anonymous

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               It is time for the health industry to get an upgrade. Some will argue that there is nothing to be done about getting healthcare, that aside from medical advancements, there is no more moving forward to do in regards to doctors and consultations and all that. I say: nonsense. Anything can be done online these days. Why not consulting with a doctor?

               Seeking medical advice online is not something that is unheard of. Often, people who are too busy to see a doctor plug their symptoms into a search engine and try to diagnose themselves. In a slightly better setting, some will go to medical websites and try to do something similar. These are less than satisfactory options, any doctor can tell you. Everyone has a unique situation and oftentimes the potential diagnoses of those medical websites read more like a death threat than anything else, which just ends up sending the patient to the doctor; exactly the hassle he or she was trying to avoid in the first place.

               My proposal is to take it a step further. Set up a website for an online doctor consultation. It would work just like a doctor’s office, but the consultation would be done from the comfort of one’s own office chair in one’s own cubicle at work. A patient could write a note detailing his or her symptoms, then ask a medical doctor who would be available on that website. A fee would be paid, just as it would be at any doctor’s office for any consultation, and the patient would receive personalized medical advice online from a real doctor rather than a textbook spitting out a death sentence.

               This setup would provide people with the convenience that they so desperately need, all the while giving a more accurate picture of the problem they may be facing. A medical doctor would be able to tell the patient what the problem is and would be able to let the patient know whether going in to an actual, physical doctor’s office was necessary.

                So much is done online these days that it is almost ridiculous not to imagine an online doctor consultation. Scientific advancements aside, medicine needs to catch up to the 21st century and provide those of us actually living in the current millennium with some more era-appropriate solutions. Progressing times call for the use of this progressive technology. There should be no exceptions.

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