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Mauritius, the unforgettable journey

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You are bored of your banausic life, wants some color of fun, join me in trip to Mauritius, a city of most happening. Maurities will mesmerize you, will uplift your moral, and make you feel especial. Every visitor enjoys individual attention. Every encounter is an opportunity to a discover a friendly face. Every expresses promises you of a unique celebration. Here you will discover the true meaning of beauty – a realization that will bulldoze you to return to Mauritius shores time and again.

Mauritius is a small, multicultural Island in Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, North east of Reunion and east of Seychelles and is also known as isolated island because of its extreme remoteness from any other habited location. It is home of some of world best beaches and other tourist spot. If you have an aerial view of Mauritius, it will look like an emerald green drop set in a deep blue ocean.

Mauritius is a giant super market full feeling the needs of everyone, whether someone is looking for Adventure, someone a shopaholic or a couple on a honeymoon trip or natural lover.

Let’s have a look at some of the chief sights which you must not miss to visit on your Mauritius trip
Port – Louis is a capital city of Mauritius famous for Champ-de-Mars horse race else it a very quiescent.
Tour-aux-Cerfs of Curep 1pe is one of most exciting city and tea plantation add color to its beauty.
Naval Museum in Mahebebourg is another point of interest, which proves how rich the historical past of the village is. Grand ba1e is another popular city providing boat facilities to connect to different islands. You will come across many fashion and craft shop, hotel, night club and restaurant.

This exotic island houses many captivating places to see. The Nature park of Domaine Les Pailles and Jardin Botanique de Pamplemousses is famous for countless specious of extrinsic plants. Le Val displays the nature aquatic life of its kind. Natural Fall of Tamarin is awesome. Le Domaine du Chasseur is also an exciting hunting ground. Aquarium provides the visitor with endless beauty of Fauna and flora of Indian Ocean. Vanilla crocodile and Tortoise Park takes you to the breeding place of these animals in their nature habitat. The Casela bird park attracts birds from around the world.

Climate being the Subtropical type, the Mauritian fauna, and flora has varieties of species, some of which is most unique. It is surrounded by coral Reefs, wonderful marine life, and lagoons.
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