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What prompts tourists to travel to Dubai?

by paradisebooking

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Dubai is bold, brazen and sassy. It leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to architecture. Its buildings are truly the skyscrapers they claim to be. It is in this part of the world that you can check out attractions like Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. While the former is the tallest landmark in the world, the latter is the most celebrated hotel of the planet.

There are several attractions that pull in tourists to this region from every inch of the world. Here is a synopsis of things that prompt tourists to travel to Dubai:

i. Salubrious weather: The weather out here is pretty sunny and that is one thing which every tourist silently appreciates. For perfect sightseeing what you need is a rain-free milieu! Dubai’s sunny climes and lazy clouds offer you that much-coveted weather.

ii. Infrastructure: Dubai is really good when it comes to infrastructure! If you have to travel to any part within the city, you wouldn’t be hassled or inconvenienced at all. In fact, one may even go on to say that this city has one of the best infrastructural facilities in the whole of Asia.

iii. Accommodation: Dubai accommodation offers tourists with plenty of options. The town has a lovely battery of hotels and resorts of all kinds. Right from the mid-budget hotel to the low-priced ones to the costly ones to the mega-budgeted ones (like the Burj Al Arab), you can live at a place as per your needs and financial powers. Tourists love the fact that the hotels are really grand. They have spellbinding designs and décor, and truly make the holiday worth every single penny.

iv. Crowd: Dubai boasts of a cosmopolitan crowd, and that is one of the biggest pluses of traveling to this place. Since, it is frequented by people and travelers from all corners of the world, you can spot almost every kind of community. Thus, you do not feel out-of-place when you travel to Dubai. The city is warm and welcoming, and you will enjoy your sightseeing with a smile.

v. Liberal approach despite some strict norms: It is true that the norms and customs related to attires are a tad strict, but otherwise the place is quite liberal. The great thing about Dubai is that it is a very in-your-face destination with no pretentious quality about it. Officials do not mince words while explaining regulations. But as long as you are not crossing any line, you can easily saunter and croon on the top beaches, malls and markets.

vi. Safety: Yes, some of Dubai’s neighbors may be touted as unsafe, but this place is as safe as your living room! The law & order system is excellent out here, and tourists face no hassle or trouble of any kind.


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