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Save Yourself from High Voltage Shock

by anonymous

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Thousands of people are killed nowadays due to the electric current and several people are injured. The current flowing inside the body can cause cardiac arrest and deep burns. The individual can't go to the power source because of the involuntary muscle contraction. The heart and the brain are the most sensitive organ. An alternative current with the voltage potential greater than 550V punctures the skin and result in immediate contact with the inner body resistance. A 110V shock will not result in the dangerous current. But, a shock greater than 600V will result in dangerous current levels. The severe result of an electric shock is death. The worst frequency for human beings is 60Hz, which is used in utility power systems. The dangerous current flow is via the chest cavity is through the heart when shock takes place in the time of relative to the normal heart rhythm. This current will cause ventricular fibrillation, which can be defined as the rapid, uncoordinated, repeated contractions of the heart ventricles.

Let's discuss the guidelines of high voltage safety:

  • You must not work alone, during emergency the presence of another person is essential.

  • In case of an accident you must follow the emergency procedures. If necessary, you can dial 911.
  • You must de-energize the equipment for two times before beginning the work. You must be sure that the controls applied will prevent all hazardous energy and the operation of the equipment, including stored or residential energy is discharged, blocked, or relieved before starting the work.
  • After discharging everything, touch the circuit first with the back of your hand in order to maintain high voltage safety.
  • You must never enter alone in the area containing exposed electrical energy sources.
  • Only the test insulated tools and test instruments rated for the current and voltage specified.
  • You must always keep one hand in your pocket anywhere around a high voltage system.
  • You can wear sneakers or rubber bottom shoes.
  • You must not wear any jewelry that can accidentally cause contact circuitry and thus can conduct current or get caught in the moving parts.
  • You can set up your work area away from the possible grounds that you may contact accidentally.
  • You must know your equipment.
  • To maintain high voltage safety, you can touch circuits with power off , the power supply filter capacitors must be discharged. Make sure while discharging that there is no residual charge with the suitable voltmeter.

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