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Why Not Abortion?

by brownalice101

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When you consider how abortion has influenced social and moral points of view in our society, you will come to realize that it is not merely a controversial issue that is featured in debates and discussions. Others already live their lives in it. Do you think there is only one abortion clinic in Richmond VA? No. that clinic in your neighborhood is not the only one. Because abortion seems to gradually permeate our society, you would think that people already learned to live with it. However, it looks like talking about it won’t stop anytime soon. There is at least one topic regarding abortion in high school debate meets, not to mention the regular clash of the pros and the antis.

People never stop talking about it because it questions the morals that are believed in by many. For all we know, that successful abortion clinic in Richmond VA, is cursed as a house of Satan by extremists. I know that is rather an intense accusation. However, we cannot blame these people if they choose to believe it that way. They are raised with the belief that taking a life is a most unforgivable sin. When you flip the coin, the pros believe that it is also their moral responsibility to give women more avenues in order to choose the best option for them.

Haven’t you noticed? Even when constant protests come out from antis all through America, abortion clinics are still popping up like mushrooms. When you search the Internet, you will find that there is an abortion clinic in Richmond VA, in Manhattan NY, in Los Angeles CA. virtually in every state of the country. Some abortion clinics even have become parts of women centers and hospitals. Abortion has also become a widely used option for abused women and pregnant teenagers. It has also been included as an option to family planning programs. It has been a useful service for women in general. And so far, it has worked to their advantage.

It does not matter if the abortion clinic in Richmond VA, is but a tiny building. The thing is that it is there. It exists. It is a palpable, available, commodity that is offered to anyone who is interested in undergoing the service. To some patients, it is not even a matter of interest. It is a matter of need. What do you think becomes the only consolation to an abused woman who turned out to be bearing her assailant’s child? It is the assurance that she won’t have to bear the child and raise it as her own. Imagine what torture that would be if she would have to do otherwise. That will not only ruin her but the child as well. Let us just admit it. It’s there. Whether we like it or not, abortion is already part of our society. Abortion is already too large a concept now that the overused saying, “nip it in the bud” is already an obviously irrelevant suggestion.

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