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There are Big and Tall Jeans for Every Occasion

                You might think that big and tall jeans come in many sizes, but only one style. This may have been the case a decade ago when retailers weren’t interested in catering to big and tall men, but not anymore. 

                With stores like popping up on the Internet, the selection for big and tall jeans gets better with each passing season. So if you are thinking that you can only buy a few pairs of jeans for your wardrobe this season, you are absolutely incorrect. The jeans you are looking at in the department stores are also available in your size as well. Here are some of the styles that you will find available in big and tall jeans this season:

Jeans with Different Finishes: 

                This season, there are new finishes on big and tall jeans. The first finish is the luxe finish. This finish is a slightly shiny finish that adds style to jeans and is great for any guy that wants a more urban look. Another finish is the stressed look that just makes the jeans look worn-in, even when they are new. This season, look for different kinds of stress finishes, from paint splatters to permanent creases in the denim.

Jeans with Different Cuts

                It didn’t used to be the case, but now big and tall jeans can be found with the same cuts that are popular in upscale department stores. The best cut this season for men is the boot cut jeans. This is because the boot cut jean is more relaxed in the thigh, which is what looks best on large and tall men. Loose fit jeans are popular as well. Loose fit jeans, however, are not the baggy jeans which can make you look larger than you are. They are just nice looking jeans with a little more room in them that look good on your natural waistline and are more comfortable to wear.

White Jeans 

                White Jeans are back this season and you can find them in bigger waist sizes. You might need to get a friend’s advice before you buy a pair, but don’t immediately count them out just because you are buying them in a larger size. Whether they will make you look bigger or not can be determined by the person you are shopping with.

Colored Jeans

                Another trend for this year is big and tall jeans in every color you can think of. While you may not have the confidence to wear yellow or orange jeans that are popular, you can wear the darker colors like nay blue and forest green. Jeans like these are more fitted, but in the darker colors they can be slimming - and sturdy jeans that sit comfortably on your natural waist can help keep your stomach pulled in. 

Dark Blue or Midnight Blue Jeans

                Dark blue and midnight blue jeans with a luxe finish are really hot this season, especially for clubbing and going out on the town. This is great news for the wearers of big and tall jeans, who can benefit from the slimming effect of the dark blue color and the fact that the sturdy denim will help you slim down your girth if you buy the jeans in a more fitted style. Pair these jeans with a loose fitting v-neck layered over a t-shirt, and you will be set to go out anywhere.

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