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Popular Attractions to Explore On Your Egypt Tours

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Welcome to the land of the Pharos and the land of the oldest civilization in the world. Yes I am talking about one and only the fascinating destination for the visitors that is Egypt. Egypt is one of the highly acclaimed tourist destinations in the entire world. This beautiful country is very worth to visit at least once in your lifetime. The golden historical landmark of this country is amazing and out of this world which fascinates intense visitors throughout the year. Egypt is located in North Africa and is truly a dream destination for every traveler. The magnificent historical monuments, cultural activities and the historical attractions truly allure all the visitors from miles and miles all the year round. This outstanding country is one of the famous countries from where you can see the past golden history engraved in the stones and you can explore the amazing attractions by floating in the gorgeous River Nile.

Attractions and the famous destinations which are must see and explore during your Egypt Holiday Packages are as listed below:

Gorgeous Nile River

Nile River is one of the most beautiful and the longest river in the entire world. This gorgeous river truly attracts many visitors and tempts them for an extraordinary Nile cruise in Egypt. More than ninety percent of the attractions in this country are located along the bank of this river. Truly speaking the attractions in this country can be visited along the boats cruise this helps and keeps the tourist fresh and free from traveling by roads which some times become hectic for the tourists. The attractions that can be visited along the cruise are like Home of the Great Sphinx and Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, Valley of Kings and Valley of Queens, local bazaars, specialty shops and many alike.

Sahara Egypt Attractions

Sahara desert is one of the most attractions which entices the visitors from every nook and corner of the world. The endless gleaming sands and the camel safari on the world largest desert truly entice all the visitors. The night shows along the deserts in the rural area is truly breathtaking and amazing.

Karnak Temple Complex

This amazing temple complexes is located 500 km from south of the Cairo the capital city of Egypt. This temple has an enormous complex comprising of three main temples and numerous smaller one. Among these the most famous is the temple of Amun is very popular. It is estimated that the temples was built in time span of 1300 years. The evening light shows are great and are admired mostly by the tourists as on their Egypt tour package.


Cairo is the capital city of incredible Egypt. This beautiful city is located in the heart of this country and is visited by almost all the tourists here. Some of the major attractions as touring to Cairo are as like the Pyramids and the Sphinx, Citadel in Cairo, Khan el-Khalili and Egyptian Museum.

Well beside these are myriad of attractions to visit on your Egypt tour as there is no dearth of attractions to visit in this country. So, contact a leading Egypt tour operator which offers you more and best attractions here to explore.

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