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Tread Safely with Environmental Consultant Indianapolis

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To avoid any hassles related to underground storage tanks regarding their assessment, maintenance, and compliance with related laws, one can depend complete on them.

It is important to comply with the underground storage tank rules and SPCC rules, not only to avoid penalties and prosecution but also to save our environment. Environmental Consultant Indianapolis are the best choice when it comes to all such issues, as they deal in consultancy as well as execution of all projects related with underground storage tanks. They help in detecting any leakages in the tanks and if the need be, they provide services of tank removal also. If needed, a proper closer report is also provided in case of tank removal. The services are provided to property owners as well as to petroleum industry to investigate the causes of tank leakages and to draw an action plan for the correction of leakage problem. They also help in the process of fund claims from state governments for compliance with UST and SPCC rules. In case of need of removal of underground storage tanks, the clients are also helped in recovery of insurance claims for the same.

Services provided to a variety of Clients

The investigative and corrective services are provided to a large variety of clients starting from convenience stores to petroleum industry. Their clients include governments of state, county and towns. Insurance and financial companies are amongst their clients along with the manufacturing units as also the builders. Legal services are also provided to the clients regarding the underground storage tanks because all USTs are governed by the Agency for Environmental Protection and they can help the clients understand the legal requirements related to USTs and obligations under SPCC rules. Audit services for USTs and investigation of any leakages are also available. The remedial measures related to leakages are also provided and replacement of old USTs with new one is another service provided.

Site Assessment Services also available

The underground tanks that were installed around thirty years back are at a great risk of leakage because of the kind of pipes installed in those tanks. There could be a great possibility of these pipes getting corroded and thereby resulting in leakages, which would contaminate the nearby ground. This may ultimately require the expensive process of clean-up of the area. The site assessment services provided by environmental consultant indianapolis can help the property owners take the corrective measures well in time, thereby saving them from expensive processes of ground clean-up and also from any penalties and prosecution under the EPS rules. The evaluation of the property for compliance of the UST and EPS rules is very important before buying the same, so as to avoid any hassles at the later stages. These services are also provided to the clients.

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