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Best Techniques to Develop Accessible Solutions in Filemaker

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Filemaker Pro offers an easy-to handle, highly responsive software development platform. This relational database software has the potential to access and present information over the screen through reports and layouts. Unlike some of the competitor software such as FoxPro, Microsoft Access and Oracle’s SQL, Filemaker Pro offers a user-interface that helps in retrieval, storing and organization of data without compromising on the potential to store a great deal of information. Filemaker indeed makes room for accessible solutions and we will discuss some of the best techniques of leveraging it for Filemaker development projects. Before that, let’s explore a few of the brilliant attributes of FileMaker.

Striking Features of Filemaker

    • User-friendly: A computer program is considered as user-friendly when users can leverage it irrespective of their computer literacy. In other words, both novice users as well as highly computer savvy persons can use the same without any hassle. The user-interface of Filemaker Pro is so designed that you do not need to have thorough knowledge of database development to make good use of the program. This is where Filemaker is different from other relational database formats, which can only be used by people who are trained and qualified to use the program.


    • Convenient to Begin with: All relational databases are computer programs which facilitates the storage organization and recall of information. Businesses leverage databases to store information related to clients, products, expenses, employees and revenues so that the data can be analyzed at a later stage in order to take effective business decisions. Small businesses as well as other organizations, groups or individuals also need to make good use of databases. The user-interface of Filemaker enables every business, even the small ones to start their own database without much financial investment. For instance small businesses do not need to invest on costly database software or hire a developer.


  • Convenient to Expand: Some relational databases invest a lot on user-interface but do not focus much on stuff like storage capacity. This is where Filemaker pro scores. It has a convenient user-interface as well as adequate capacity. This enables small businesses that have used the database to continue to leverage the same database when the business undergoes growth and development.

Best Practices for Accessible Solutions
Now we will discuss some tips that will enable businesses to develop accessible solutions using Filemaker.

Things to do in Layout Mode

  • Enhancing current solutions by adding an accessible layout.
  • Connecting field labels with active field using Accessibility Inspector.
  • Using layout buttons in place of status toolbar for Windows OS.
  • Including navigation controls and buttons in the TAB order.
  • Using simple, precise naming conventions and ensuring that text labels are there for all buttons.
  • Minimizing image use on layouts
  • Using Accessibility inspector for defining images in container fields.
  • Avoiding fancy objects that do not provide relevant information
  • Checking text objects for correct spelling and ensure readability by screen reader.
  • Selecting Include icon for revealing or concealing calendar.
  • Choosing pop-up menu for the field’s control style rather than the drop-down list.
  • Copying and Pasting existing tooltips with the Title field of the Accessibility Inspector.

Table View and List View

  • Using List View Layouts in place of Table View.
  • Choosing field object instead of merge text in List View.

Find mode

  • Enabling field identification and reading of results for effective searching.


  • Designing similar interface for normal as well as visually impaired people.
  • Anticipating the need for custom dialogs and creating them to guide the user for the following action or to render error alerts.
  • Creating custom menus and simplifying menu structure
  • Generating reports that allow reading aloud
  • Avoiding portals
  • Refraining from use of animation or video
  • Refraining from use of color coding as the only option for conveying information
  • Avoiding Tab controls
  • Setting up scripted imports and exports
  • Partially Sighted Users
  • Incorporating high-contrast themes for layouts.
  • Setting greater zoom level for document window.


  • Testing solutions across screen readers and platforms.

Filemaker offers a brilliant platform which when leveraged properly can prove to be immensely beneficial for businesses. These best practices enable businesses to fully utilize the powerful attributes of Filemaker.

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