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Optimizing Keyword Density on Webpage

by aishadas

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Density of keywords depicts the number of keywords present on a web page as compared to total number of words on a page. Optimum key word density for a webpage is close to 2 % to 3% of total web page content. Whatever the user types on a search engine, becomes a keyword. And the process keeps on revolving like this.

Today, search engines approve only quality content that is helpful to users. Web pages containing good content are found by search engines when the command is given by the user. This helps in link-building. Web page content must have all the useful information that the target audience expects. So, during content development process, it is always advised to use popular keywords. Just remember, visitors use different search terms and those terms are your keywords. Search for a good keyword or phrase is a time consuming process. If done correctly and used in the right way, it can generate huge traffic for the website.

Content writing service provider basically emphasize on keywords in their content. Keyword tag is the best way to increase number of visitors for your website. In the early stage of search engine optimization, keyword density is the important factor to determine page ranking. But nowadays, it no more has the same essence. In search engine optimization, keyword density is the factor that determines whether a webpage is relevant to a specific keyword or not. Keywords describe the concept of content.

Different types of keywords exist and are used in a variety of ways (primary, secondary, and tertiary). The order in which keywords are placed is important because search engines give priority to the first one. Primary keyword is used before all other keyword, it is most important one, and entire content is based upon it. It can be file name, heading or in page content. Secondary keywords follow the primary keyword. Tertiary keywords are a group of keywords (6-8) used in content help in attracting more visitors by proper use.

An article using important keywords or phrase is read more often as compared to articles without keywords. So, always use relevant keywords for writing content. This would boost your business, and who knows you may see a huge amount of traffic in the next couple of days. So be prepared to get surprised!

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