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Leg Length Discrepancy a common issue

by anonymous

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Common sense says that the length of a person's legs is equal and identical. However this is not always true and many people are living with a condition known as leg length discrepancy which means one of two legs is either shorter or longer functionally or structurally than the other. The leg length discrepancy can vary from only a few millimeters to five or six inches on the extreme side. The causes of this condition also vary from accidents to surgeries that result in the difference in size. Hip surgery is the most common procedure resulting in a common leg length discrepancy because of the imprecise nature of the implant. Millions of people around the world every year go in for single or double hip replacement surgeries and a healthy percentage of patients develop the condition. When a growing person breaks a leg during childhood it is common for one leg to develop and grow at a difference pace from the other and a structural leg length discrepancy may arise. If the condition is left untreated the person will begin to notice something amiss in their gate. They will begin to develop leg and back pain that grows larger and larger over time. A common solution to this ailment is to have a professional perform a shoe modification by inserting a custom shoe lift into the sole of the shoe. The exact thickness of the shoe lift needs to be specified so that the effect will be total balance and evening out of the two legs thereby correcting the leg length discrepancy. This is not something a person has to be ashamed and embarrassed of wearing. A true craftsman can perform the shoe lift modification in a way where it will be little noticed and more importantly barely felt when it comes to functionality and the weight of the shoe. Leg length discrepancy is a common issue and may be something to consider before a hip surgery.

Ilya Romanov is the President of American Heelers Orthopedics and an expert on shoe lift modifications and leg length inequalities. Ilya started the company in 2006 in Cleveland, OH.

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