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7 Solid Reasons to Use Selenium for Software Testing

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The choice of web browser varies for one user to another. Some people still access the web applications on their desktop or laptop computers, whereas others run the apps on their smartphones, tablets and similar mobile devices. So each software developer and QA analyst often find it challenging to ensure that the web application is compatible with the most popular web browser and mobile devices.

As an open source web application testing tool, Selenium is popular due to its simple, easy, and effective features. In addition to allowing programmers to write codes using the programming language of their choice, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) further makes it easier for them to test, debug, and combine multiple tests within a short span of time. There are also a number of additional advantages of using Selenium web testing for validating your web applications.

    • Free and Open Source: Unlike the conventional IDEs used for software testing, Selenium is open source. An open source community constantly works on improving the performance and efficiency of open source automation testing tool to test a wide variety of web application. So a developer can simply download and use Selenium for free. The inexpensive nature of the IDE further made these suitable for all types of businesses.
    • Supports Multiple Programming Languages: Selenium offers a comprehensive set of tools that supports web application testing across several platforms. You can further easily integrate the lightweight automation tools into a variety of projects. As Selenium supports several programming languages like C#, Java, Python, Perl and Ruby, you can easily make and test web applications by picking the language of your choice.
    • Easy to Learn: The Selenium IDE is developed with most of the HTML features. So the tools avails the benefits of universally friendly coding structure. If you know only HTML and do not have any prior coding experience, you can easily use the web application testing tool. The simple and easy-to-learn feature of the IDE also make it easier for develop to change a specific value, command or target within the HTML to achieve great test results. A novice tester can refer to the documentation posted on the website to learn the testing tool within a few hours.
    • Easy to Click, Record and Play: If you are used to record and run Macros in Microsoft Excel, it will be easier for you to incorporate the relevant test case guidelines. The simple yet effective IDE allow you to include the changes simply by right clicking in a test. The right click will make it easier for you to add assertions, element locators and other options. Further, you can concentrate on other projects, as the tests run in the background.
    • Easy Debugging: Similar to the smart record and play option, Selenium also enables to debug a test within a few minutes. In case your test fails, you can easily follow the report that is displayed below the test screen. As the report will highlight where the test fails, you can concentrate on other works without monitoring the test constantly. Also, you have options to add specific action fixes to control and debug the test in a more efficient way.
    • Option to Combine Individual Tests: Selenium is also popular among web application developers and tester due to its advanced test suites. You can use the test suites to combine individual test in a single batch. The single batch can also be used for a number of different projects. So you can easily test all modules of a web application within a few minutes. However, you must plan the tests properly to check several applications within a short span of time.
    • Build and Store Library of Tests: If you are a QA analyst, Selenium makes it easier for you to build a library of tests. You can store the tests in a in a common repository, and access these tests to use or review the project in future. The option saves your time, while making it easier for you to concentrate on multiple projects at a time.

Regardless of the nature and type of your web application testing project, you can use Selenium to avail a number of benefits. If you are using the open source web application testing tool for the first time, you must concentrate on its key features to test your web application in a quick, easy and efficient manner.

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