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What is storage area network?

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It is known fact that data storage is the main hassle for any organization in today’s business world. These days, data is growing along with the business in immense amounts and hence it is difficult to manage the big data (large volume of data) in one device. Servers are implemented in all kinds of organizations and industries such as information technology, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and many more. These are the main infrastructure to manage and store the companies’ crucial information for many years. Data is the valuable thing for any organization as it has the confidential details of the company regarding financial details, new requirements, upcoming product features and specifications, product code, employee details and many more. Hence, it is the most essential task for these organizations to maintain this information for future references.

These days, with these growing amounts of data, servers cannot manage to uphold it for longer years. These servers may not perform high processing power and deliver the services faster, if the storage capacity goes beyond its capability. Hence, organizations are also implementing several storage devices such as SAN (storage area network), NAS (network attached storage), DAS (direct attached storage), Storwize V7000, tape autoloaders, tape drives, cartridges, flash drives, optical drives, hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drive (SDD) and many more. All these devices are essential to pace up with the storage needs of the enterprise to maintain the stability and reliability. However, SAN devices are the common storage systems in the IT industry as these are more popular to maintain the data and provide network connections over organizational network domain.

Storage area network provide high speed network to connect different storage devices that are associated with the servers. These devices provide a large endorsement to the main servers in enhancing the data storage and organizational efficiency. It can incorporate sub networks with NAS; however, it could be an utterly different kind from NAS. SAN are often accessed over local area network protocols through fibre channel, infiniBand, iSCSI and plenty of additional. It cannot be connected directly if you're victimization communications protocol or information processing protocols. These protocols ought to be enforced to supply the info access. Communications protocol or information processing protocols are often used to write and read on file servers and internet servers. Thus, SAN is a good device to figure on network connections to manage the info. These are cost effective as well.

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