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Public Insurance Adjusters, the legal way of Insurance Claim

by leoturpin61

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Public Insurance Adjusters are the legal helpers who talk to the insurance company on behalf of the policy holder or insured. The responsibility of the adjuster is not limited to just talk and settle the case. When a loss or damage occurs to any of the assets of an insured, the corresponding insurance agent or company send an adjuster from their side. He enquires on how, when and where did the accident or case occurred. At this point of time, only a legally qualified person can talk to the opposing side and thus we seek help of an experienced public insurance adjuster.

The insurance claims adjusters are mainly of three types depending on the company or person under whom they are employed. The first category is ‘staff adjusters’ who are employed by an insurance company, the second category is called as ‘public adjusters’ who are hired by the insured or policy holder and the final category includes legal advisors hired by the insurance company and are known as ‘independent adjusters’.

Every public insurance adjuster should own a valid license issued by the state department. Also a person issued with license of a particular state can work in that state only. If he wants to practice any case outside his native state, the general rule allows him only under the condition that the state where he resides should permit the non-residents to apply for license.

The major duty of an insurance adjuster is to get the claim settled at best negotiable price. To get the things done, the legal person should go through certain procedures. Initially he has to study the policy details of the policy holder or insured. The next step is to enquire on the damage or accident details so that the final estimate on claim amount can be prepared. Once the evaluation is done, adjuster will submit the estimate and supporting documents to insurance company on behalf of the insured. Adjuster will run the case and get the claim settled with possible negotiated amount.   

Similar to every department, the insurance department also has reported some misconduct regarding the public adjusters and their work. The department has already undertaken certain actions against the complaints reported. In regard to which the insurance adjusters are not allowed to restrict the policy holder from indulging at any stage of claim settlement until the case is closed. Another major action is related to payment of settlement fee. The state has fixed the rate from 15 to 20 percentage of claim amount and thus avoids unwanted collection of huge amount as settlement fee.

Irrespective of the nature of case and loss of insured assets, you can seek help of an insurance public adjuster and get the claim amount settled legally.


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