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How to Teach an Old Diamond New Tricks

by anonymous

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Diamond rings are one of the most important possessions a woman can have and the adage of diamond being the best friend of a girl stands true. However, if you want to reset your old diamond engagement ring to give a new look to it and bring back the sheen and brilliance to its original glow, rest assured that you can take your pick from a whole array of unique styles and designs. On the other hand, it is also a good idea if you have received a vintage gemstone studded engagement ring handed down to you from the earlier generations and the setting requires a replacement or a repair.

Diamond has remained one of the most precious gemstones heavily incorporated in jewelry, specifically as engagement ring, since time immemorial. With regard to vintage engagement ring, resetting any heirloom diamond ring is an extremely personal decision, and is often decided by the amount of your sentimental attachment to that piece of jewelry. Was the diamond engagement ring willed or given to you from any family member or did you purchase it at an antique shop or estate sale? It is highly difficult emotionally to make the choice to evidently alter a family heirloom, even though it does not match our style. We will not usually have the equal emotional attachments to a purchased jewelry.

Also, if you have recuperated from a marital separation and want to give your diamond a new facelift, you can easily work around it to make it a pendant or a new ring that will flaunt a whole new look and nothing similar to the original wedding jewels.

To teach your old diamond some new fancy tricks, put some thought into it. The following ideas will give some ample examples to experiment and come up with unique styles:

  • Reset your solitaire diamond engagement ring and place cropped diamonds on both sides
  • Take down the diamond out of your lofty pointed setting ring and place it in a safer setting that will not bump against things your ring comes in contact with
  • If you have a yellow diamond, remove it from the yellow gold setting to flaunt it into platinum or white gold to diminish the golden overload
  • Combine the transparent diamond with different colored gemstones like emeralds, rubies, or sapphire
  • If the diamond has slight damage in it, place it in a setting that will camouflage the problem and keep it from getting inferior

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