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Cuban Cigar Fans - Acquiring the Taste of All Cigars

by amitsachdeva

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Turning into a cigar fan requires one to acquire a broad variety of its smoking experience, from which a more developed as well as discerning taste develops. Usually, new smokers settle towards a milder cigar, as their taste is in the young stages and the rich taste is not straight away palpable. A quality cigar should be enjoyed from beginning to end and at no point should it turn out to be inflated in its strength.

Once the smoker turns out to be more experienced and at ease with the milder brands, then he or she looks for a livelier cigar experience and there is a mass of quality ones offered in the medium-bodied variety from which to select. Ultimately, more developed palates often long for the one with a full body, one that might have been intense when the cigar experience just started.

Being a cigar fan, one goes beyond the limits of the cigar itself. The fans pride themselves on being familiar with the perfect information on what to have it with, be it a rich coffee mug or a cognac.

Two of the popular cigars in detail:

Cohiba Cuban cigar

Cohiba is the leading brand of Habanos. It was made in 1966 for President Fidel Castro and was prepared at that time the top secret, however now well-known El Laguito factory. Initially, it was just seen outside Cuba as presents for heads of state and visiting ambassadors. But ever since 1982 cohiba cigars have been accessible in restricted quantities to the open market. The name Cohiba is a very old Taino Indian word for the lot of tobacco leaves that Columbus earlier noticed being smoked by the original people of Cuba, the most basic famous form of the cigar. The Cohiba 1966 is a size acknowledged in its factories.

Partagas Cuban cigar

Partagas Cuban cigars won gold medals in at least 3 global exhibitions between 1867 and 1884. Undoubtedly, it has a strong flavor and is still made in the Partagas factory, renamed Fernando Perez following nationalization. The range is vast and it would be tough for a smoker not to come across a Partagas which goes well with his or her interest. It is one of the well-known Havana, largely because of its presentation. The Partagas 898 tastes of roasted cacao as well as mocha. It is a fine cigar, for the experienced taste. While the No.1 and No.2 are intense ones, the No.3 makes it mark through its fine woody taste, making it a much-loved by new smokers as well as the ladies.

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