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When Testifying in Divorce Court, the High Road is Always Best


When couples do not get along, find that they’re fighting more and more, and finally decide to separate, the initial feeling may be one of relief that divorce is imminent. They may even have the idea that they will quietly and amicably part ways, which usually lasts until the underlying conflicts that led to divorce unsettle any prospect of a collaborative divorce, and the only option standing is divorce court.

If you are headed to divorce court in Plano, Texas, it’s important to hire a local divorce attorney to represent you and look out for your interests. Your Plano divorce attorney will also guide you in testifying in court with regard to the property and children that remain between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Included in such lawyerly advice will likely be some of the following guidelines:

1. Listen to the question. If you do not listen to what is being asked, others may infer you are being evasive and therefore trying to hide something. Before answering, it may be helpful to mentally digest the question by quickly repeating it to yourself.

2. When you answer, provide the shortest answer possible that actually answers the question. Don’t volunteer details or elaborate unless you are asked to do so.

3. Never show anger.

4. Tell the truth. Decent liars are rare, and good liars are even fewer. If the question hurts you or is embarrassing, such as whether or not you had an affair, admit it. Don’t justify or try to explain it, just be honest.

5. Avoid absolute characterizations or words such as “never” and “always,” such as “He never helped with the kids.” It’s likely that he can prove such a statement wrong, damaging your credibility.

6. Always be respectful, both on and off the stand. Show respect for your spouse, as well, which means do not roll your eyes, sigh loudly, make faces or respond out of line to statements with which you disagree. The more respectful you are, the more credible you become.

These are just a few basic tips for courtroom behavior. Your divorce attorney will have much more guidance that applies directly to you and your upcoming Plano divorce proceeding.

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