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Root Canal Treatment and Therapy

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When you are in a lot of pain from an abscessed tooth, you will likely need a root canal. This procedure can take away your pain and allow you to keep your tooth. The only other option available to treat this type of problem is to have the tooth pulled completely.


Root canal treatment removes the dead or dying nerve from within the tooth that is causing the pain. Reputable dentists can perform this in a painless procedure that only takes one day. There is no need to feel pain or make multiple trips to the dentist to have your root canal procedure done.


An abscess in the tooth is similar to a pimple on the skin. The dentist needs to remove the abscess from within the tooth during the root canal therapy in order to get to the nerve that needs to be removed. The abscess is an infection within the tooth that must be cleared out in order to clean the tooth.


During root canal treatment, the inside of your tooth will be cleaned out with proper chemicals and lasers. The tooth will then be sealed and a crown will be put into place to complete the treatment process. The crown is necessary to prevent cracking and infection in the tooth. Otherwise, the tooth might be lost.


Root canal therapy can allow you to use your tooth again like there was never a problem. The treatment will last a lifetime as long as the roots of the tooth continue to receive the nourishment they need to survive. Your dentist can help you understand what you need to do to keep your tooth healthy.


You should never receive root canal treatment without a crown put into place afterward. A reputable dentist only considers this a part of the treatment and sees no other options to keep the tooth safe and undamaged. Without a crown, you are at risk for serious infection and tooth damage.


Having a root canal can keep you from having repeated pain from a damaged tooth and nerve from within. The procedure is painless and you will be happy that you were able to keep your tooth. With the proper care, your treated tooth will last for the rest of your life.


If you need a root canal for your damaged tooth, call a reputable doctor in the area that uses modern dentistry procedures to ensure that you feel no pain during treatment. You will be so relieved once your pain is gone and you have the use of your tooth back again.


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