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Posing Tips For Your First Maternity Photography

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There is nothing more exciting than to know that you will finally become a parent. Those nine months of waiting is almost over and you finally get to see your little bundle of joy. But before that, it’s normal for first time mothers to make memories out of the nine months of pregnancy which results to tons of photos all throughout that period. Why not make things extra special by taking all your pregnancy pictures in a studio. It’s a special way to appreciate a woman’s body and celebrate the miracle of pregnancy!

For expectant mothers, even if your cute little bundle of joy is still inside your belly making you look bigger, maternity photo shoots are there to show off your curves and remind yourself that you are still sexy. Here are some tips on how to pose and project for the camera.

Show your Baby Bump

Almost all maternity photos look much better when you expose your baby bump; in fact some photos just have the baby bump in them. Maternity photo shoots are not like your regular family photos or child photography where in the face is the subject of the photos. This time your belly is the center of attraction and professional photographers will make it look like the sexiest thing on earth.

For all the ladies out there, you are not pregnant every day so make the most out of your baby bulge and show it off during your photo shoots. If being comfortable with the photographer is the issue try to speak with them and get to know them and their works before your scheduled photo shoot. If you already know a photographer who can take your photos, it’s better to hire them plus working with them will be much easier.

You’re Hands and your Belly

The power of touch is so great that it’s even felt when one looks at photos. Wonder why most pregnancy pictures have the mothers touching their belly? Because it shows motherly love and projects a caring and loving image. You can also use your hands to frame your belly in order to get your best angle.

Smile and Have Fun

Whether it’s a maternity or baby photography session, the subjects should always be pictured with a huge smile on their face. For expectant mothers, even with your baby bulge, it doesn’t give you reason not to smile, have fun, and look sexy.

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