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Apartment Parking Dilemmas

by anonymous

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Parking is one of the most important things that you have to consider wherever you are. As you know, there is a so-called parking etiquette that you should follow whether you are parking in your office, home, a restaurant, or a mall. As a tourist living in an apartment in Paris, one may think that parking can pose a lot of problems. It may be a difficult one to solve, but still, there are good ways as to how one can deal with parking problems. Here are some tips of how effectively we deal with issues of parking spaces, especially in a for vacation apartments in Paris.

1. Contact the apartment manager – If you think that you are being denied of your parking space or your neighbors do not exhibit the proper parking etiquette, you can always contact the apartment manager. Make sure to contact him first before you do anything as he has the jurisdiction over your problem. Bring up the issue to your apartment manager and if you can’t convince him/her to help you solve the problem, ask your neighbors if any of them are having the same conflict. If this situation becomes a growing problem, the apartment manager might come up with a solution. Do not hesitate to propose solutions, even if you are only in a Paris vacation rentals.

2. A resident parking system – Most of the time, parking problems arise when the residents of a given apartment building are not communicating effectively with each other. Your neighbor might not be aware of a new parking policy, that’s why he continues to make the same mistake that annoys you. The best way to solve the problem is to organize a residents’ meeting and discuss parking matters with your neighbors. After talking with the concerned parties of the community, put your heads together and compromise to create a parking system. However, allow some room for adjustments as this new plan may not be easily followed because these things take time to be really implemented.

3. Leave notes – If the problem is about a person who is always taking up a parking space that was assigned to you, you may opt to leave a note in that person’s car. Make it sound as friendly as possible, telling for example that you are on a vacation rental in Paris and that space was assigned to you by the apartment manager.

4. Get rid of the car – This may be a little extreme, but it would surely be beneficial to you. You need not be overly dependent to your car; if you really need a vehicle, you can acquire a motorbike, instead, and this one is easier to park. Meanwhile, getting a bicycle instead could help you become healthier and save on your gas and auto expenses.

In the end, remember that you even if you are only in a vacation rental in Paris, you still have the right to a decent parking space. You are entitled to set an agreement with your apartment manager which will help you get your own parking space. Also, there is nothing wrong with meeting with all the other residents of the apartment to settle things out.

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