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Inventory Control System – Riding Swift Using Barcode Labels

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Inventory Control System may be a concept as old as the concept of business itself. Managing stock of products is the very basic but most important aspect of a business.  As everything evolves with time, system for managing inventory effectively also enhanced with time. Modern era has witnessed very rapid & effective development in the area of inventory control.

 Today most of the organizations have shifted to computerized inventory control system.  A computerized system stores stock data & produces different reports which are useful for a businessperson to keep track of stock. A very important aspect of this computerized inventory system is product identification. This system can work & produce desired reports if every product can be assigned a unique product identification numbers.  Initially, stockiest started to assign these identification numbers themselves but because of huge quantity of product this way was practically impossible.  Any product range including clothing, equipment, food, books, and any other quantifiable products can only be tracked with a well-defined Product identification number.

The solution to this problem came in format of barcode labels. Barcode is a combination of wide variety of alphanumeric symbols which is unique for every product. A scanner is used to read barcode written on product & communicate it to computer.  The evolution of barcode helped Inventory management systems in a huge way. It saved cost & time of inventory management.


As every new invention lays down opportunity for new business ideas, this alsoresulted in form of barcode labels suppliers.  Barcode label is now a worldwide accepted & used technology and we can find barcode labels manufactures in delhi, barcode labels manufactures in Bombay or any part of the world.

Barcode labels procured from barcode labels manufacturers can be printed in-house. Barcode labels are generated using a computer & a barcode printer. Selection of a barcode printer would depend upon your requirement of barcode labels. There are plenty of options available for barcode printers as well as barcode Scanners.Barcode is made upfrom thin & wide bars.  Information about product like price, color, size or other features can be stored in these varied width bars. Using symbology width of each bar defines a unique identification. Barcode no has become a universal &world wide used technology for inventory management.Now a days barcode labels comes in options of different size, color. You canalso  add attraction to your product by using stylish tags for your products.

These labels come as Barcode stickers& can be easily sticked to products. Barcode labels suppliers usually offer these labels as stickers for easy & fast applications. Thus if we say that barcode labels has taken Inventory management system at swift, it do not seem to be big words

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