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A Few Health Benefits of a Far Infrared Sauna Revealed

by lucyeury

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Been sickly more frequently than usual? Since you probably spend half of your day in your office, you might not be getting plenty of sunlight. While your working hours may not be in your control, it doesn't say that you can't get a little r and r with cutting-edge far infrared sauna (FIR).

FIR saunas may not appear any different from an ordinary steam sauna, but it operates the same way as the sun does to improve life. Yes, the sun has infrared light that's broken into near infrared (which is similar to visible light) and far infrared light (which is nearer to the microwave area of the electromagnetic spectrum). Don't be frightened of the word microwave, however, as that doesn't signify that FIR saunas are big versions of microwave ovens.

Near infrared is in fact a thermal kind of light. FIR saunas warm the body up not by producing steam but by exposing it to infrared light that reaches further into the skin where toxins and fat are kept. With appropriate heat, all those nasty substances eventually get cleared out by sweating.

You may state that a regular sauna also releases toxins and fat, but a comparison between standard and FIR saunas reveals that the former clears away 3 percent of toxins with sweat, while the latter takes out over 20 percent of toxins. FIR saunas can be practical to anyone with a sedentary way of living by causing the heart to beat faster and thereby promote better blood flow. Yet if this new sauna is a lot like the sun, doesn't it also release harmful ultraviolet rays?

By no means, apparently, since a far infrared sauna booth is only installed with far infrared light, so with managed use, you won't burn or harm your skin by any means. In recent years, several research have explored the potential uses of FIR technology in the treatment of ailments like hypertension and rheumatoid arthritis. So there's certainly nothing to be scared of.

The benefits do not even stop there. FIR sauna likewise works on joint and muscle discomfort, and enhances your immune system. Sounds cool, doesn't it? What's even better is that FIR saunas are more affordable then regular steam saunas, which can be priced at over $4,500. Find out more about infrared treatments with

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