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Exquisite features of SE500 flow cytometer

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The SE500 is one of the top flow cytometers that Stratedigm offers. The cytometer comes with best quality and reasonable pricing. Our products help save more power and sheath fluid than any other flow cytometer in the market. The high throughput flow cytometry products by Stratedigm are highly competitive and efficient in performance.


Stratedigm offers the elitist range in flow cytometry. Some of the flow cytometer offerings include S1000, S1000EX and SE500 (all being competitive to BD LSR II and BD Fortessa). Furthermore, Stratedigm offers two high throughput flow cytometry products i.e. A600 HTAS and A700 HTH. These flow cytometers have a vast range of features. Every flow cytometer is created keeping the best technical specs in mind.


The SE500 series offers the most comforting and advanced features. Some of these include:

  • It consists of two lasers, the CellCapTure software and an exclusive workstation.
  • It supports a rugged look and modular design. It is extremely versatile and high performance is guaranteed through this flow cytometer.
  • It comes in a small package and is extremely light-weight. However, the results delivered by the flow cytometer are breathtaking.
  • It is ideal for people who want to make routine experiments also.
  • It gives the ability to carry on the most difficult experiments within the budget.
  • The best electronic elements are used to assure that the right amount of light is available during sample collection.
  • The background light is adjusted to make sure that the pictures are clear. Other flow cytometers provide clouded pictures. This feature does not affect the budget at all.
  • A number of tools have been accumulated to comfort the various twists and turns that the user might want to add to the experiment.
  • HDF assembly feature eliminates the problem of vibration and temperature related problems. Hence, the flow cytometer is light in weight and does not have unwanted parts.
  • Automated software is added to make sure start up and shut down is easier.


Stratedigm strongly supports Green effort. All Stratedigm products are targeted towards consuming the least amount of power and sheath fluid. The flow cytometers of Stratedigm are more cost efficient than any other flow cytometer available in the market. Stratedigm flow cytometers are competitive to BD LSR II & BD Fortessa.


The flow cytometers can be upgraded whenever the need arises. Free demonstrations and support services are provided by Stratedigm. Call Stratedigm to learn more about the flow cytometers.


Stratedigm was founded in 2004 and since then the company has been working towards creating the best flow cytometry products. If you are looking for high throughput flow cytometry, call for a quote at 408-512-3901 or call on their toll free number 1-877-801-6098. Service request forms on the website can also be used to get a quote.    

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