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Peru trip – Machu Picchu tours and Peru viaggi

by RiverExplorers

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Booking a holiday in Peru can really spark your sense of adventure.  There is so much excitement and beauty in Peru.  There are so many things to see and experience.  You can choose from biking, trekking, or white water rafting, and so much more.  The biggest challenge will be deciding what to do on your Peru trip.


One of the most famous places in Peru is Machu Picchu.  You can feel the history by just being there.  It is referred to as the Lost City of the Incas.  Finding your way around is best done with a group.  There are many different Machu Picchu tours available, depending on your fitness level and what you’d like to see. 


Most of the Machu Picchu tours begin elsewhere and end up at the Machu Picchu citadel.  You can trek through the Andes Mountains, bike through the Amazonian rain forest, and raft down the level III and IV rapids of the Urubamba River.  Most of these tours take 3 or more days.  Each night during the tour you will make camp with your group.


When you are booking your Peru trip, you get to pick where you want to go and what you want to experience.  There are so many different tours that your biggest challenge may be deciding which one to take.  The tours general range from one to sixteen days and allow you to explore so many gorgeous parts of the country.


Most of the tours are fairly physically taxing.  It takes quite a bit of stamina to navigate these tours.  However, there are also Peru trips that are not as strenuous.  If you have some physical limitations, there are still things you can do in Peru.  Most of the tours are geared towards people that can physically push themselves.


People from all over the world book holidays to see these amazing sites.  In addition to taking in all the culture, history, and beauty you get to experience other cultures second hand by talking to your other tour mates.  You may hear your trip referred to as “Peru viaggi” by your Italian tour mates.


There are a few challenges of taking Machu Picchu tours.  One is the local authorities limit the number of tourists that can visit.  The area is breaking down because of too much traffic.  Another challenge can be altitude sickness. It happens to nearly half of the people that visit.  It can be prevented by ascending slowly and staying hydrated.


No matter what kind of Peru trip you decide to take, you are sure to satisfy your sense of adventure.  By taking in all the beauty and history in the area, you will have lasting memories for years to come.  You may even feel like you were a part of this magical history.


About Us: River Explorers is a privately owned Peruvian travel company that has been in business since 2001.  They offer travel packages that include white water rafting, trekking, and biking.  The guides are all locals that have been providing tours for years.  Start your adventure by visiting them online at and choose which adventure is right for you.

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