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Visit the Haberdashery: Create your Own Hairband

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A haberdashery is on every corner. We just don’t realize it. Haberdasheries are stores where sewing supplies are sold. Buttons, fabrics, needles, threads and everything that a stitching ‘do it yourself-er’ can dream of, can be found in a haberdashery.

In the United States, the meaning of a haberdashery is a little different. It refers to stores catering exclusively to men.

Haberdasheries first came into existence in the UK a long time ago. Haberdashers were peddlers of small wares, like buttons and needles and several other dry goods. Soon, the haberdashers’ trade guild became one of the Livery Companies of London, and came to be known as the ‘Worshipful Company of Haberdashers.’ Since losing their authority over cloth merchants, they now function as an educational and a charitable institution.

We are all haberdashers too- some of us more serious about it than others. We fix buttons, zippers and stitch torn seams. We create things out of clothes and buttons and other knick-knacks. One of the things that people love creating is the headband. It’s one of those things that people of all ages wear without being bashful. You can even jazz up plain old hairbands by adding buttons or flowers or lace to them.

It is very simple to jazz up a headband. Here is the haberdashery you will need:
• A piece of lace or a ribbon, or a trimming.
• An old hairband
• Super glue
• A big button or a woollen flower or a rosette

Here are the directions:
• Stick one end of the ribbon or trimming to one end of the hairband.
• Start wrapping the ribbon around the hairband, twining it as you go, until you reach the other end.
• Super glue this end of the ribbon to the corresponding end of the hairband.
• If you want, you can wrap and stick a piece of fabric of the same colour around each end to make it look neater.
• Alternatively, you can also stitch the two ends. It might not look too neat, but your hair will hide it.
• Now, superglue a flower on top of the hairband. This flower can be easily bought in a crafts store, or you can make it-
• Draw the shape of a simple five-petal flower on a piece of cloth. Cut it out.
• You can either stick them together as they are one on top of the other. Or, you can fold each petal in half and then stick them together.
• The size of the flower is up to you.
• Now stick the flower on top of the hairband.
• Voila! Your hairband is ready!

Alternatively, you can also make your own hairband with a couple of lace trimmings. You will need:
• Two pieces of lace, each a little less than a foot long.
• Black felt fabric, a few inches long.
• Needle and thread

Here are the steps:
• Place one end of one lace over an end of the other. Make sure that just the ends are overlapping.
• Stitch them together, either by hand sewing or with the help of a machine.
• Do the same with the other ends.
• Now, bring the two ends together in the shape a hairband. Wrap the black cloth over it. You can stitch this or you can super glue it. You can even use an elastic fabric to hold the two ends together.
• Your hairband is ready! See, wasn’t that easy?

Looking for threads, needles and other haberdashery supplies? Visit Alacraft, a leading online crafts supplies store. To learn more about hairbands, visit Wikipedia.

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