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Commercial Appliance Repairs Verses Domestic Appliance Repai

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Commercial Appliance Repairs are different from residential appliance repairs. The skills cannot be interchanged. So it is always advisable to seek for professionals who are trained in respective fields.

Whether you consider your personal life or professional life; to meet your daily small to big requirements you highly depend upon those modern appliances that enable you to work faster and in a simpler way. And because these appliances are used regularly they tend to break down too. At such times, you need to get them fixed properly and as soon as possible because some of the major tasks get on hold. Especially if you work in a factory where the entire work and business relies upon an appliance, it makes a lot of difference.

Here are some features that differentiate commercial appliances from residential ones.

In terms of work

There is no doubt to say that the domestic appliances play a vital role in meeting your day to day demands of life, but even then the role played by them is comparatively simpler and easier than those appliances that are used for commercial purposes. If we compare kitchen appliances, when the domestic ones like home oven or stove are used for making maximum three to four meals a day and that too for four to five people, on the other hand, a commercial cooking appliance is used for feeding hundreds of customers during each meal. Similarly, when a residential washing machine is used to wash clothes of limited people twice or thrice every week; the commercial ones are runalmost constantly throughout business hours the entire week. And therefore in case of damage also, the process adhered for commercial and domestic Washing Machine Repair in SF differs from each other.

Construction and Components

Commercial appliances need to be more specialized in their functions in comparison to residential appliances. For example for the kitchen setting, when commercial cooks need to prepare different dishes simultaneously, they require a separate oven, stove, broiler, range and griddle. Only this way they could attain maximum efficiency. Well, on the other hand for residential cooks, there is a diminished need to perform all functions at once. Therefore appliances are generally combined into one unit. In terms of appliance repairing, generally technicians who are trained and experienced in repairing residential appliances don’t have guts to open their handsover commercial models. Reason behind this is that both the categories differ in terms of structure and components, so it is not possible to interchange the two skill sets.


Lastly, the appearance of residential and commercial appliances is entirely different. When residential appliances are available in different designs, shapes, and sizes; commercial ones are strictly utilitarian. Beside their looks, it is their functionality and maintenance that is emphasized upon.

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